Who Is Kevin Lopez Descriptive Essay

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The Passion of the Ages
Kevin Lopez is a marvelous brother to have. He’s the sort of person who puts all his will to what he adores in life. Kevin was raised in the country of Honduras. Since the time he laid his eyes on a soccer ball, he fell in love with the sport and now plays with the major league soccer team in Honduras. He would practice every day on the front yard as the kindled sun glazed over his forehead, giving him a vibe of abundant jubilance as he practiced. However, his journey to becoming the successful soccer player he is today was not an easy one. He had various obstacles presented before him, but that did not stop him from making his dreams come true; however, before he made it to the major leagues, he needed to start small
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Kevin is about 5’6 feet tall. His skin is almost like a bronze color when he plays, and his solid black hair seems to shine when the sun is out, reflecting over the sweat dripping down his forehead. They lived in a small yellow house made out of concrete with a black metal fence and a gate that was also made out of black metal that had at the top, a design of leaves, as though they are flowing in the air. The soccer field was right across the street, which stretched out wide. The soccer field was the number one place people went. Kevin could watch the older kids play in their shorts, the sun beaming on their foreheads as they practiced with a beautifully round ball with its perfectly constructed designs.. Kevin lived with his grandmother, after his dad decided to come to the United States when he was two years old in 1998, to be able to provide an improved life for him. However, it had not been a simple decision that Roger, his father, decided to …show more content…
When he auditioned, they realized how much passion he had for the game of soccer, and started him at the first game. Now that Kevin’s career was starting, his dad started looking for a manager to represent Kevin. Once Kevin had a manager, both Kevin and his dad felt that they were on the right track to a bright future. Kevin began to play extremely stunningly, that he had always the starter in every game the team had. As Kevin kept making goal after goal, the minor league soccer team of Honduras began to take an interest in him. They desired to have Kevin on the team. For his first few games with the team, he sat on the bench, only getting to play once in awhile; however, as time passed, he improved. His technique, almost reaching perfection. Eventually, he started in every game they had. He always played with all of his energy. He runs so fast to be able to retrieve the ball, that when he is seen on TV, it is noticeable how his veins seem to be on the inner surface of the skin, the blueness of his veins seem as if they are about to pop out from the intense running. Sweat pouring down his face almost, almost as if an intense amount of rain has fallen on him. Kevin began doing so remarkably well, that the people who sponsor the minor league soccer team told Pinto, the coach, to move him up to the major league team. Pinto himself, had also been convinced of

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