Personal Narrative Essay: I Step On The Soccer Field

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The moment I step on the soccer field lets my life slow down. I feel like I’m home, although I’m far away from it. I’m born and raised in Germany, where I started to play soccer with four years. Only a few months ago I decided to study and play soccer in the United States. Everything is so different and requires me to adapt, but soccer always stays the same. Even though there are billions of soccer fields in the world, I always feel like I’m home.
The green grass as a symbol for hope and growth. As soon as I step on the field and observe it, I get reminded on my personal growth and goals; goals and dreams which seem impossible to achieve, but the green in the grass tells me that there is hope and a reason to fight for it. Moreover, as my eyes
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My function is to shot the ball into the goal. That’s not always easy because it also takes a good amount of luck to fulfill this task: knowing where to run to set yourself up is based on instinct. A lot of coaches say that strikers are players with a great ability to read; not a book, but the game! To me it seems that the goal has an own brain; a highly intelligent and networked brain. This brain is the net behind the posts and crossbar. It decides whether it is steering the ball into the net or past it depending on the work rate the striker invests in the try to score a goal – you have to earn scoring a goal, it won’t just fall into your hands! This attitude makes me look at the goal as a friend instead of an opponent and it awards me an additional boost of concentration and motivation. A crazy way to think about a simple goal on the soccer field, but this unique way of thinking on the field perfectly describes my passion about soccer. Another big part of my passion about soccer is the team I play for. Praying on the field together, in the same jerseys, before the kick-off fills me with commitment and compassion. We are more than a team, we are a family. Each and every player has different skills which together build an inseparable family. This thought sets my heart on fire and gives me confidence before the game …show more content…
What a privilege to be a student-athlete who is healthy and able to play soccer at such a great facility, on such an amazing and meaningful soccer field. Furthermore I feel salvaged: as soon as I started to play soccer, it served as a connection to God. Each and every game and experience with soccer helped me building more and more commitment to God. I see my ability to play soccer as a gift from God. He put it in my heart to serve as a ‘wingman’ for the start of a relationship with him. Soccer is more than a game – it’s a lifestyle and teacher who makes me praise and honor God. I play for him to show my gratitude toward his work in my life. And the moment I step on the soccer field, observing its beauty, significance and connectedness, makes me recognize God’s love – I feel like I’m

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