Personal Narrative: My Love For Soccer

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What once was a mere burning match, weak and fragile, has grown into a magnificent wildfire, capable of engulfing the entire planet itself in its flames. Passion. For anything imaginable, those with it can shine far brighter than any other. I’ve always envied those with something they could cling to and call their passion, never having it myself. After years of searching, it appeared. It had been by me all my life. Yet, only some time ago did I reach out to it, lighting a flame of passion inside me. I’ve gone my entire life without anything that set my heart ablaze until I stepped onto the grassy field with a black and white ball. It’s taken time and effort, but I’ve found it. The flame that is my passion. The flame that is my love for soccer. As a child, I played in a recreational league, but eventually stopped. Years flew by without even touching a soccer ball. But, from a …show more content…
The sport in its entirety is what I came to love. So, I’m still following a soccer-centric path as much as possible. Along the way, I guess my passion wasn’t seen by only me, later giving me the opportunity to become my school’s varsity team’s videographer, something I’ll never be able to fully express my gratitude for. It’s gotten to the point where bringing up the sport to friends is just verbal diarrhea for them. Yet, they’ve never gotten fed up, and that’s just it. Sometimes, you can’t help but listen when someone talks endlessly about what they love. Soccer’s given me everything I’ve wanted in life and more. Telling anyone my interests can be simple, but now, I can tell anyone what it is I genuinely love. Soccer is my passion, my breathtaking wildfire, able to envelop any and all things in its raging flames. I once envied those who could cling onto something and call their passion. Now, I only wish everyone could find something that makes them as ecstatic as soccer makes

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