Personal Narrative: How To Establish A Soccer Team

When I was in grade 10, my dream was to organize a soccer team with my classmates. Noticing that many of my classmates who loved soccer but had no chance to enter into the school team, I decided to organize a soccer team with my classmates. I did planning for three days and gave an inspiring speech before them. Soon, my soccer team was built up with 14 men, and I was elected to be the captain.
We began to play soccer from a fundamental perspective, practicing elementary skills every morning and afternoon. When I thought that our team was ready for the real game, I talked the president of soccer club into organizing soccer match on campus.
Unfortunately, our team lost in the first game with a score of 0-3. The failure pushed me to find effective ways to win next game against a stronger rival. However, I did not realize that a bigger problem awaited us. The next day, I organized a morning training as usual. After 20 minutes, a few showed up. After 45 minutes, only 4 members were collected. When I contacted the others regarding their absence, they said things like, ‘training
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We began to train even harder, disregarding the swelling on our knees and ankles, tasting the conviction and persistence in the training court shared by all. Meanwhile, I watched professional soccer games, read coaching books every night and observed the training of our rival team, and tried to think of a good strategy. My research drove me to play a direct counter attack style to win the games. In the final team meeting before the big game, I presented my strategy, and convinced them that every individual’s potential is indeed unlimited, especially when they focus on their goal and work together. If the whole team believed in each other and fight to the end, we could change a failure to a victory. Our eyes were burning bright with the same

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