Personal Essay: Being The Only Tongue River Player

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While becoming a lazy bum throughout my summer between third and fourth grade of elementary, my parents decided to sign me up for British soccer camp. Growing up as a tomboy, I played most sports before middle school. I was the girl playing with the boys during recess. I started playing soccer at the age of 5. I partook in YMCA soccer anytime that I could.

The first day is always the hardest because Tongue River is such a small school and no one loved soccer as much as I did. Being the only Tongue River player causes you to make new friends and really, really shy. Of course being me, I walked over to a group of guys to talk to.

The instructors of the camp stood tall in the middle of the field. One was almost a head taller than the other. His dirty blond hair covered his icy blue eyes that
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So the next day Chad started laughing at what I wrote and every time I scored on one of the boys they’d have to read what I wrote. The past week was spent running and playing the weirdest games that the British could ever create. Chad made up a game the day before we played it and went off without a hitch.

The boys would stick their noses up towards me like they smelled something awful. This mostly happened when Will praised me due to he was a hard coach to please. Throughout the exercises or games, I was look at like I was a girl, not a player. I was not equal to the boys on the field: I was below them and their skills. As long as each day passes no matter how difficult, I strive for greatness for my own future and for my posterity. This hope would push me to make a better childhood and future so they don’t have to face the obstacles I’ve faced throughout my life in this world.

Game after game, the fight between us had no more fuel. After many disgusted looks, we broke. It started after Chad made a joke that we all laughed at. The week slowly finished and time for goodbyes were

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