Work Ethic In The Blind Side

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The Blind Side has always been a favorite movie of mine. Watching the movie when I was younger, truly opened my eyes to the harshness of society and the hard work of excellent athletes. Work ethic shown in athletes in expressed through their hard work and determination. This can be seen through their constant efforts to become better at their craft. The story of Michael Oher is one I will never forget because of the way it has motivated me as a student athlete. Through the story of Michael Oher, I learned the power of hard work. “The Movie The Blind Side is based on a true story of a homeless African American student, named Michael, who struggled in school. Michael was a gifted athlete with a strong work ethic. Because of his work ethic, he ended up being a successful football player, getting multiple offers from prestigious colleges.” The movie shows how a family took Michael into …show more content…
Michael is now a professional football player, earning money and gaining recognition for his hard work. Michael still faces adversity and chooses to overcome it with his work ethic. Working hard even when everything seems to be set against me, is necessary to my development as a player. The past two summers I worked very hard at becoming better at volleyball. I did dozens of camps and private training sessions with coaches in order to improve. I even had a personal trainer to help me workout in the best way possible. This hard work carries into my everyday life here at Point Loma. In order to play in each game, I have to work harder than anyone else in practice. I choose to do more workouts than everyone in order to become the athlete I want to be. I commend Michael Oher for his hard work, he proved wrong every excuse he had by pushing through and becoming the best. His story impacted myself and caused a change for the good in my athletic and academic

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