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  • Informative Essay About Humor

    funny. What is funny can depend on someone’s sense of humor. Humor can be offensive at times by hurting one’s religion, race, sex, and other things to laugh at the expense of others. Despite that there are many television programs and cartoons that make funs of people being in a certain kind of group. Has society fallen so low that we like to hurt each other’s feelings? Bottom line is there are many different types of humor like flavors of ice cream. If one does not satisfy your taste, then another one will. It is something as a species that we all experience. We can make friends with humor or we can bring others down. Here are some examples of humor from the harmless to the harmful and the four sources of humor include self-deprecating, slapstick, taboo, and parody and this TV examples show that this humor may or may not be funny based a person or audience. Self-deprecatory humor is when an individual makes fun of him or herself. Comedians like Joan Rivers and Conan O’Brian use this type of humor in their standup routine. For example, Conan O’ Brian made a joke about this, “Some people are saying that the reason Michael Phelps wasn’t doing so well for a while was because he let himself get too out of shape. I just have to say that I have been watching the…

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  • Analysis Of National Lampoon's 'Christmas Vacation'

    National Lampoon’s: Christmas Vacation: A Worthy Classic Comedy In the film Christmas Vacation, there is a hilarious scene when Clark Griswold “played by Chevy Chase” and his family are out finding the perfect Christmas tree. They come across what Clark believes to be the family tree, but the family worries about the tree being too big. Clark reassures them that the tree isn’t big, it’s just full. Rusty worries about the tree not fitting anywhere, Clark tells Rusty the tree is not going to go…

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  • The Role Of Violence In TV Shows

    representations and even to deconstruct various versions of violent reality,” (Barak 2003, p 192). Such debate remains widespread within today’s society, with many television shows said to influence viewers. Looking specifically at MTV’s controversial Jackass films and TV shows, my study would explore the effect(s) of hyper-realistic violence on our collective understanding…

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  • Singing In The Rain Analysis

    (1952) directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen is one of Hollywood’s most famous musicals. As a big fan of musicals, it’s surprising that I have never seen this infamous film. I had preconceived notions about what it would be like and I thought that I wouldn’t enjoy it. However, the movie was nothing like that I thought it would be and I enjoyed the “behind the scenes” style of film that the director used to show the transition between silent films to talkie. Due to this style of film, many…

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  • The Negative Impact Of Hollywood In The 1930's

    people all over the world came to make their dreams come true. Hollywood in the 1930’s was surprisingly hit very hard. It was surprising because that’s not what it looked like from the outside. Hollywood in the 1930’s introduced women to film, made the depression less depressing all while extending itself to a higher length. People in the Great Depression struggled to make ends meet everyday. “Despite that fact 60-70 million Americans still packed into theatres each week”…

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  • Marx Brothers Outline

    Hammersmith 1 Film Research Paper Andrew Hammersmith COM 320, Sec. 1. Dr. Neuendorf 10/15/15 Outline Introduction Marx Brothers were a major early 20th century comedic force Among the people inspired by them was Mel Brooks. (Use quote from book). Both served to promote a specific style of comedy filmmaking. Thesis: The extent of the Marx Brothers influences on Mel Brooks lies within their roots in vaudeville, emphasis on multiple forms of comedy, and overall anarchic attitude…

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  • Death Note Analysis

    homonymous manga by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, "Death Note" is the most commercially successful title of the list having spawned video games, light novels, an anime series, a two-part film, a spin-off movie, while a new film is scheduled to screen this October. This entry is for the first two films. The story follows Yagami Light, a student who discovers a notebook, that when someone writes a name of someone in it, this individual dies after a few days. L is world renowned detective, part…

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  • Midsummer Night's Dream Adaptations

    Michael Hoffman's 1999 film interpretation of A Midsummer Night's Dream written by William Shakespeare is quite different than the original play, most noticeably in regards to style of reading and character representation. The film turns characters such as Duke Theseus of Athens and mischievous fairy Puck into less complicated versions of themselves in order to appeal to the larger audience. This did not come without backlash, as many would argue that this in fact took away the deeper meaning…

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  • Essay On Videotape By Don Delillo

    For this story “Videotape” it feels as if Don DeLillo had heard of the term “Mondo film” (or as it is also known Shockumantry) and was inspired by it to write a story of someone who would be a viewer of these kind of films. A “Mondo film” is a sub genre of exploitation films that take a documentary/pseudo documentary style focusing on taboo subjects such as death real or fake. Don DeLillo 's “Videotape” shows us a man who has become desensitized to violence. The character in the story is a…

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  • Hulu Film Analysis

    non-western films. I honestly didn’t even know where to begin looking for such a film. Luckily for me, Hulu has a section entitled “international films”. I browsed through the list quickly and was immediately drawn to a film called House (1977). The description was very vague. Seven school girls visit an aunt in the countryside and encounter a haunted house. I’m a sucker for horror films. I’m an even bigger sucker for really awful and cheesy horror films. I optimistically pressed play and…

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