Informative Essay About Humor

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What is humor? Humor can be someone or something that is funny. What is funny can depend on someone’s sense of humor. Humor can be offensive at times by hurting one’s religion, race, sex, and other things to laugh at the expense of others. Despite that there are many television programs and cartoons that make funs of people being in a certain kind of group. Has society fallen so low that we like to hurt each other’s feelings? Bottom line is there are many different types of humor like flavors of ice cream. If one does not satisfy your taste, then another one will. It is something as a species that we all experience. We can make friends with humor or we can bring others down. Here are some examples of humor from the harmless to the harmful and the four sources of humor include self-deprecating, slapstick, taboo, and parody and this TV examples show that this humor may or may not be funny based a person or audience.
Self-deprecatory humor is when an individual makes fun of him or herself. Comedians like Joan Rivers and Conan O’Brian use this type of humor in their standup routine. For example, Conan O’ Brian made a joke about this, “Some people are saying that the reason Michael Phelps wasn’t doing so well for a while was because he let himself get too out of shape. I just have to say that I have been watching the
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It also can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and helping to control emotions as it can stop stress. The article has some controversy like terrorism jokes while it can be debating that humor can be good for your health. Is it necessary to go in the taboo in order to have people feel better especially after 9/11? Sandra Ritz says yes as you can find humor in a cartoon about a failed terrorist bomb plot. It does not matter what the humor is about if you are in a sad or anger mood as long as you laugh, you are on the road to recovery (Howlett

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