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  • Sleep Disorders

    How Sleep Disorders Affect Daily Functions LaTonya Sallywhite Armstrong State University How Sleep Disorders Affect Daily Functions One main component of healthy living that people do not pay much attention to is sleep. Sleep is still a big mystery that researchers are trying to solve. However, the main question researchers cannot seem to answer is why humans do and animals sleep. One way to look at sleep is that during that time the body restores itself from the wear and tears of one’s daily events. The neuronal activity slows and the brain as well as the body relaxes. In some cases sleep can even be said to strengthen one’s immune system (Hobson 1995). Growth hormones are released during sleep and the brain…

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  • Sleep Terrors And The Classification Of Sleep Disorders

    Classification of Sleep Disorders Sleep is important for a person to become healthy the average amount of sleep is about 8 hours. Unfortunately more than half, America is diagnosed with a sleeping disorder making the average time to exceed, decline, or in some cases to not exist. Sleeping disorders are on a spectrum ranging from deadly to not harmful, so if a sleep disorder is not harmful then why is it a disorder? A sleep disorder manipulates someone’s sleep pattern affecting their health.…

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  • Causes Of Sleep Disorders

    Excessive daytime sleepiness, difficulty inducing or sustaining sleep and irregular events arising during sleep are symptoms related to sleep disorders. It is estimated that anywhere from 50 to 70 million Americans chronically contain some form of sleep disorder that is affecting their day-to-day living (Altevoga et al., 2006). According to The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey (2015), among 74,571 adult in 12 states, 37.9% reported accidentally falling asleep during the…

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  • Sleep Disorders: The Importance Of Sleep

    Sleep. As children, we often loathe it. As adults, we often crave it. All of us, however, require it. Sleep is built into the very essence of both our psychological and physiological existence. Ideally, it is the foundation upon which we start our days. It is the safe haven that we return to at night. Without it, we begin to feel unorganized, disassociated, fatigued. This is because our bodies are governed by natural cadences called the circadian rhythm. BOOK 87 Our natural world operates…

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  • Sleep Disorders In Adolescents

    Sleep Disorders Sleep Disorders are common affecting about one-third of all people. This is more common with people who are physically ill or have psychiatric disorder or learning disability. There are three basic sleep problems that are common in adolescents which are not sleeping well, sleeping too much, and episodes of unusual behavior or experience related to sleep. There are nearly 100 possible causes or types of these sleep problems that are now recognized. One big factor within…

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  • Sleep Disorders And Health

    Today an average individual sleeps less than 7 hours every night. This meaning that the less sleep people get each night is slowly affecting the way their own body functions and their well-being. There are even some people in the world who suffers from Sleep Disorder, and this disorder can originate from individual’s breathing patterns, stress, or anxiety. Many individuals may wonder why sleeping is important overall for our bodies? Sleep Health is important because it is critical for our…

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  • Snoring: A Serious Sleep Disorder

    very serious. But in fact, those who have to listen to him, snoring is a hell and that may be a sign of a serious sleep disorder in the snorer. The things that the snorer should focus more on the environment are the dream and sleep position. Many people are not aware of this, but when it comes to the room that the snorer sleeps on, actually plays a significant role in the process. Yes, this is something that may come as a surprise to many people, as many of us are totally convinced that drinking…

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  • Sleep Disorders: A Case Study

    #1 Sleep disorders overview Sleep is the body’s state of change which involves brain wave activity, heart rate, breathing, body temperature, and other biologic changes. It is a period of time that is restful because of reduced activity and reduced external factors. It is easy to reverse, but associated with a specific posture, lying down with eyes closed. Two specific sleepy times during the day for most individuals who have regular sleep. Between the late night hours of midnight and 7am and…

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  • Sleeping Disorders: The Importance Of Sleep

    Bluntly said, sleep is vital. It allows our body to create a regular circadian rhythm: a 24-hour internal mechanism that controls our sleep and wake cycle, as well as, our eating and drinking, body temperature, and other biological mechanisms. With a proper circadian rhythm, the brain is able to reconstruct an individual’s daily memories and tie together the numerous things he or she has learned throughout the day (Lange, Dimitrov, & Born, 2010). Sleeping enough hours also leads to a stronger…

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  • The Effects Of Sleep Disorders

    from sleep deficiency. The amount of sleep that a person needs changes depending on their age. On average, teens need around 9 hours of sleep while adults should get 7-8 hours (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015). In recent years, sleep deficiency has become a common health problem; almost a third of adults…

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