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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Last Day Of School

    It was the last day of school of my freshman year. I stood at the doorway of my world history classroom counting down the seconds as Kelcie and I repeated, “Summer, summer, summer.” The bell finally rang and everyone started running to the parking lot. Everybody was rushing to go eat lunch and hang out with their friends. I on the other hand included myself into my neighbor, Taylor’s plans. He asked me if I would like to help him build a slip n’ slide but he never would’ve thought I’d invite my friends to enjoy it too. It was just the beginning of a long day that ended in a disaster. It all started on a sunny day when I went over to Taylor’s house to help him set up his slip n’ slide. He forgot to mention to me that it wasn’t an actual slip…

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  • An Interview With My Mother

    My mother does not play any instrument but enjoys listening to the classical guitar. She says it is relaxing, beautiful and elegant and she enjoys listening to it in the evening and while driving. Her favorite type of music now are alternative rock, classic rock and big band music. She enjoys music that is not main stream as it feel more artistic and original. Much of her love for big band came from listening to Django Reinhardt. His impressive guitar playing and upbeat feeling captured her…

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  • Electric Guitar Essay

    An important part of any guitar player’s career is to properly tend to their guitar. Each time a guitar is tuned the strings stretch. The stretching of the strings eventually wears out the strings to the point where they cannot stay in tune anymore. Once this happens it is time to restring the guitar.In order to change the strings on an electric guitar that features a floyd rose type bridge, one must gather the tools and supplies, thread the strings and apply the necessary slack, and finally…

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  • Bull Guitar History

    eventually took on such an essential role that it was forced to evolve. The new bass players were slowly transitioning the bass from accompaniment to a solo instrument. As it moved from the background to the foreground musicians began experimenting with new techniques while expanding the range of the instrument. The new demands from musicians on the instrument could no longer be met by the once mighty Double Bass. The need for a compact, louder, and more precise instrument led to the…

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  • History Of Guitar Essay

    Picking Strings Guitars can be traced back as far as 4,000 years ago. It’s been claimed the guitar maybe from a development of lute. Guitar is the element of surprise. Without a six string there wouldn’t be Blues, Country, and Rock and Roll or any genre in that matter. The masterpiece can come from the strings and homemade wood bodies itself. There are various types of guitars. All of them are very significant and clearly made to make any genre of music worth its wild. From well balanced…

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  • The Suzuki Method

    The idea of a String Methods class in undergraduate study is to explore the different approaches that happen around the world. There will be some methods more renowned than others, and of course, those will prevail and outshine the rest. However, this class will go into specific details of the classical instruments like Violin, Viola, Cello, and String Bass and how they are used throughout these String Methods. Consequently, these string instruments play a huge role in the music world around us;…

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  • Middle Eastern Music Analysis: Sands Of Arabia

    background music, or just to sing along to in the show. For my first piece, I chose Japanese Metal. The song is titled ‘Megitsune” by the group Baby Metal. The song uses very heavy electronic beats along with deep- sounding electric guitar riffs and traditional Japanese folk music. The piece was also very syncopated and upbeat.The first few seconds it gave the impression that it was just going to be pure electric beats. As the song progressed, It fused into a very heavy hard metal sound.…

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  • Electric Guitar Techniques

    When I was about 14 years old I saw a live concert on television in which Edward Van Halen performed some tapped bends on his electric guitar and they blew me away. He did some sliding taps and some bent taps and I immediately thought, "Wow, this man is truly a master of the electric guitar; he has absolute control over it and never makes any mistakes." Although now I consider tapped bends to be a fairly simple technique, they are still interesting musically, and the most difficult thing about…

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  • The Similarities And Differences Of Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X

    The crowd generously cheers as I exit, and with a smile on my face, I gently place my guitar in its case and go home to rest because the next day awaits another performance. Ultimately, my life is a series of different performances. Each song that I play possesses its own unique rhythms and strumming patterns, but the chord progression remains the same. Each task that I take on includes its own circumstances and barriers, but the attributes remain the same. Although I continue to grow and strive…

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  • Learning Something New

    Learning something new can be a terrifying experience. One of the most difficult things I’ve had to learn was learning how to play the guitar. I have always been afraid of learning new things, but I decided that learning how to play the guitar would be an advantageous skill to learn. I also thought that it would help me become a better musician. What I did not visualize was that learning something new would shape me into a more confident person. Trying new things has always been difficult to me,…

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