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  • Hip Hop Fest Concert Report

    The Super Fresh Hip Hop Fest was the event that I attended with the Philosophy 444 class. The event took place at the Lakefront Arena, where we were surrounded by people from the seventies and eighties. At this concert, we had the pleasure of listening to famous and local artists as well as DJs, who played popular hits. The performers were Doug E. Fresh, Too Short, Slick Rick, DJ Kool, Dana Dane, Roxanne Shante, UNLV, Gregory D and Partners N Crime. As we were watching the performers, I observed the other concert attendants and noticed some interesting things. Many of the viewers were dressed in iconic 80’s hip-hop wear. I also saw many of the audience members doing famous dances from the time period. I felt a sense of community amongst the people who were attending. For example, there were two people who were called up to do dances from the 80’s. The chemistry between them…

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  • Crofts Vs Governor Of Texas Case Study

    Citation: Croft vs. Governor of Texas, 562 F.3d 735 (5th Cir. 2009). Parties: David W. and Shannon K. Croft: Parents of minor Children - Plaintiffs / Appellants Governor of the State of Texas, Rick Perry - Defendant / Appellee Facts: In 2006, David and Shannon Croft, parents and friends of three minor children, filed a suit alleging the Texas Pledge and Minute of Silence Statute was unconstitutional. Each morning, Texas public school students are mandated to pledge…

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  • Symbols In The Lightning Thief By Rick Riordan

    In the fictional novel for young adults, The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan, the main character, Percy Jackson, finds out that the life he has known is all a lie. He learns that he is the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea. He also finds out that Zeus, the god of the skies, has accused him of stealing his most precious weapon, a lightning bolt. Throughout the book, Percy goes on an exciting journey to find the true culprit of the crime he has been accused of, and stop a civil war between…

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  • The Future Of The YA Series Percy Jackson, By Rick Riordan

    people plunged themselves into pitching crazy ideas, deriving extensive plans, and putting in all their effort to bring those sparks of creativity to life. I have always surrounded myself with creative works – whether expressed through drawings, writings, music, or games – and now here is a word that allows me to not only transform those ideas into reality but also share it with other people. It is this channel that brings people together to collaborate and brainstorm, offering solutions to…

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  • Science Fiction In Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

    rewritten but are there other reasons as well? Authors of this genre write science fiction novels for varying reasons, some might write science fiction for the enjoyment and pleasing of an audience with their imagination or others like Phillip K. Dick might do it to share and explain their philosophical ideas. "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" not only entertains its audience but, also, engages the reader to question their ideas and reasoning on what truly makes a person “alive.” In the…

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  • Blade Runner Deckard Character Analysis

    Blade runner is a science fiction film about the future, in this futuristic scenario there are robots called replicants, these are visually indistinguishable from humans, and are exclusively used for menial or dangerous work on off-world colonies. Replicants are banned from earth, if one of them managed his way to earth, blade runners will be sent to hunt them and then retire (kill) them. Deckard, who is a blade runner, has the mission to retire four replicants who have got to earth to find a…

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  • Jasari X And Synthesis Essay

    suffocation in their songs. CONCLUSION 2. Introduction Context Growing up in abject poverty limits the choices a child has, and consequently may leave the child to choose between two paths, neither of which are great. Slick Rick exemplifies the importance of making good decisions and avoiding any wrong paths, when he says, “Just another case about the wrong path/ Straight ‘n narrow or yo’ soul gets cast” (Slick Rick 61-62). “Case” describes the repetitive nature of the perils of poverty, and…

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  • Nas Influence On Hip Hop Culture

    career first began over two decades ago. "Today it's a lot easier to get into the rap game but, back then in '94, it was a lot harder," Nas says when describing his journey to success which began with his first feature on Main Source's "Live At The Bbq," followed by the release of his classic debut album, Illmatic, released 20 years ago. Discussing the impact that Illmatic had in hip hop, Rose asks the emcee if he felt that his presence changed hip hop to which he replied, "Yes. Yes I did and it…

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  • The Golden Age Of Rap And Hip-Hop

    The Golden age of rap and hip-hop is a name that was bestowed unto mainstream music, between the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s. This time period was shaped by popular figures such as Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, NWA (Niggas with Attitude), Rakim, Slick Rick and MC Hammer. This era revolutionized “gangsta rap”, changing it from sub-conscience music to pro-violence music; however political issues and criticism of the African-American community was still prevalent in their music. Between the…

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  • Quaker Oats: Branding Challenges: Quaker Oats

    level, age, sophistication). Other forces come into play when trying to get a product adopted into organizations that receive the bulk of their funding from the government, such as public schools. A controversial or innovative product can be squelched by negative public opinion. This was certainly the case with Christopher Whittle’s Channel One, a television station for secondary schools. ■ Channel One Communications Inc. and K-III Communications Corporation Do you remember Channel One?…

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