Sleep Terrors And The Classification Of Sleep Disorders

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Classification of Sleep Disorders
Sleep is important for a person to become healthy the average amount of sleep is about 8 hours. Unfortunately more than half, America is diagnosed with a sleeping disorder making the average time to exceed, decline, or in some cases to not exist. Sleeping disorders are on a spectrum ranging from deadly to not harmful, so if a sleep disorder is not harmful then why is it a disorder? A sleep disorder manipulates someone’s sleep pattern affecting their health. There are two main classifications of sleep disorders one branch is called Dyssomnia and the other Parasomnia. Dyssomnia and Parasomnia have two hormones in common named Serotonin and Melatonin. Serotonin is made throughout the day to keep the body
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Just like dyssomnia parasomnia has two subdivisions the first one is arousal disorders. In this subgroup, there are two common disorders called sleepwalking and sleep terrors. Sleepwalking is just how it sounds it is when a person walks while asleep not knowing they have sleep walked when awaken. This disorder only happens about once a month there is no danger in sleep walking. If sleepwalking happens every night then it becomes serious and can lead to a disease called Parkinson. Sleepwalking usually occurs in children and teenagers when they undergo NREM sleep. Sleepwalking is sometimes accompanied by sleep terrors or sometimes called night terrors. Night terrors is a disorder that still happens during NREM sleep it is when a person acts out their dreams. This is a dangerous disorder to have because it can lead to people harming themselves or their loved ones. For example, people can think that they need to defend themselves by fighting because they believe they are being attacked. In real life, the people are sleeping while their partner is trying to wake them up. The next subgroup is called Sleep-Wake Transition Disorders the famous disorder in this group is called sleep talking. This disorder is found in men and children there is no harm in this disorder. The only affect a person might have from sleep talking is being embarrassed. The next disorder in this group is not that well known, but it is called Sleep Paralysis it happens when people wake up and their body is paralyzed but their brain is fully awake. People will wake up not being able to talk, or open their eyes all the way. Some victims to Sleep Paralysis can experience hallucinations. Unlike all the other disorders stated Sleep Paralysis happens during REM sleep it is the stage where people start having vivid dreams and have rapid eye

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