Book Report: Night By Elie Wiesel

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Night: by Elie Wiesel I chose to do a book report on this book called: “Night” written by Eliezer Wiesel. The author, Eliezer Wiesel is an actual survivor of the Holocaust, and he endured the suffering of living in the Auschwitz labour camps. This book is a first hand memoir of the horrors and painful experiences Elie Wiesel had endured when he was only fifteen years old. Throughout the book, Elie describes his struggle to keep his faith in God, as he is unable to believe that a loving God could allow horrible things happen to his “chosen” people. The title of the book, “Night” , refers to the the darkness and silence that Elie went through as a teenager living in a concentration camp. During the night, you may also have nightmares, and …show more content…
(not all of the soldiers want to kill and exterminate the Jews) In the book, Elie Wiesel describes how some of the german guards were more “humane” than some of the jews that were given power, who abused their authority. He also mentions how the Jews would turn into complete savages and animals when they fought over bread that was given to them. In one part of the book (while in the cattle carts transporting them to a concentration camp) in the midst of over fifty people fighting over a few pieces of bread in a small train cart, Elie Wiesel (who is only 16 at the time) witnesses this guy who beats and kills his own father (who is an old man) over a just crust of bread. They would put survival over anything, and would even steal food rations from the sick and helpless in order for their selfish survival.
^ This actually what happened to a key character during probably the saddest part of the book, but I won't say who the victim was or what happened to him/her after the event, because I don't want to spoil it. But it’s really really sad
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On the radio, they would hear of nearby cities being taken over one by one by the Germans, however no one would leave their homes or evacuated to a safer place. They all believed the Allied powers would win the war before the Germans got to them. No one knew the horrors of Auschwitz until it was too late to turn back. In the book, while Elie and his family were living in the ghettos, he was given the chance to escape to a better, secure place, however he chose to stay with his

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