Human Cruelty In The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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In the book Night by Elie Wiesel, Elie himself talks about the Holocaust and his experiences in it. The Holocaust was a very rough time for not only Jews, but everyone who was part of the Germans. During this time the Jews abandon their religion and values. Not all the Germans may have liked the Holocaust but, to protect their lives they had to follow the rules or be disciplined. Jewish people were treated unimaginably brutal during this time. The Germans main goal was to make the German race the superior race and they did not care how far they had to go to achieve this goal.Wiesel can neither explain nor understand the reasons for human cruelty that he witnesses and endures during the Holocaust, but learns that cruelty breeds more of the same and in the end survival and self-preservation is all that matters. Before the Jews were sent to concentration camps, life was still very unfair for them. Before the Holocaust even started Jews were …show more content…
¨The Nazi concentration camps is a world turned upside down, a world in which nothing makes sense and nothing is as it should be ¨ (Sanderson). The amount of abhorrent things that were done to the Jews at camp were not okay in any type of way. At this time Jews were desperate for survival they would do anything to live or in some cases anything to die. Concentration camps got so horrid at times that Jews would rather be dead than living in one. ¨ Food and survival supersede everything else for prisoners; previously moral. Civilized and kind people will now kill each other for a slice of bread” (Winters). During the Holocaust it was everyman for themselves. No matter how much someone meant to you, as soon as you stepped foot into the camps they turned into complete strangers fighting to survive.¨Having struggled between life and death for so long, he looks into a mirror at the end of his ordeal: ‘From the depths of the mirror, a corpse gazed back at me’”

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