The Holocaust

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  • The Holocaust: The Denial Of The Holocaust

    Holocaust denial The Holocaust was a genocide in which six million Jews were killed by the Nazi regime, controlled by Adolf Hitler and its collaborators; the killings took place through Nazi Germany and German occupied territories. Between 1941 and 1945, Jews were targeted and murdered by the Nazi regime. The Holocaust was divided in various parts; first they passed laws to exclude Jews from civil society, later they started to group them into neighborhoods called ghettos, which were extremely uncomfortable and dangerous for the health. After the ghettos, Jews were sent by train to the extermination camps in which they worked until the point that the Nazis killed them, in gas chambers. The gas chambers are very important because it wasn't…

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  • The Holocaust: The Reasons For The Holocaust

    The Holocaust began in 1933, during the time of World War II; this event occurred during the ruling of Adolf Hitler. The Holocaust was an effect of anti-Semitism; which was one of the main reasons that the Holocaust was such a large genocide. Many Jews were afraid to leave their house during the period of the Holocaust. Anne Frank was a Jew whose family was impacted by the war. Although any example of genocide is very serious, the Holocaust is one of the largest known types of genocide, with…

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  • The Holocaust: The Tragedy Of The Holocaust

    The holocaust was one of the worst genocides taken place in history. Eleven million innocents lives were taken by a mass murder, Adolf Hitler. He deliberately killed millions of people just because they were Jewish. With today’s society, it will be impossible for something like that to reoccur. Today’s massive access to the internet and social media will make it impossible to hide and not take action on what was occurring, we also no longer have a dictatorship like they had back in the day, and…

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  • The Holocaust: The Horrors Of The Holocaust

    The Holocaust was a point in time which included mass genocide of Jewish Europeans and other people Germany felt should be extinguished. The tragedy was also given the title “shoah”, which is Hebrew for the phrase “the catastrophe”; however, the term “Holocaust” was used more often to describe the events that took place. This paper will cover three topics: Who was Adolf Hitler, what was the Holocaust, and the statistics of the tragic events. The Holocaust had its beginning in 1933, when the…

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  • The Holocaust: The Victims Of The Holocaust

    The tragedy known as the Holocaust was the systematic murder of 6 million Jews (Strahinich 7). However, not only Jews were ruthlessly murdered by the Nationalist Socialist German Workers’ Party, or the Nazi Party. Approximately 5 million gypsies, handicapped people, Soviets, homosexuals, Slavs, and anyone deemed sub-human by the Nazi regime also perished in the Holocaust (Strahinich 8). The Holocaust took place mainly in Germany and its annexed countries like Poland, but it was present in…

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  • Holocaust Assignment On The Holocaust

    Holocaust Assignment Judaism was one of the most followed religion in and then something terrible happened and it changed how people thought. The jewish people were were held in Nazi ghetto camps during World War II. This event that took place was called the Holocaust which was a mass genocide of jews. The leader of this was Adolf Hitler he did not have a reason to start this killing of six million jews except that he blamed them for the start of World War I and did not want the blame to be…

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  • The Holocaust: The Horror Of The Holocaust

    The Holocaust: destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war. The Holocaust was a horrendous time, of destruction and slaughter, when Jews were being massacred, and separated from their friends, families, and businesses. “The Holocaust was the mass murder of European Jews by the Nazis during World War Two” (“World”). It all started with the Nazi tyrant, Adolf Hitler, who planned to wipe out the entire Jewish population as part of the his plan to overcome the…

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  • The Holocaust: Causes Of The Holocaust

    Causes of the holocaust: The Holocaust was the systematic killing of 6 million people. Jews, gypsies and other undesirables were persecuted by the Nazi party. The Nazis thought that they were a superior race of people and thought that they were better than everybody else. They wanted to get rid of people that were not part of their great race. The Holocaust was one of the worst killings of a race the world has ever seen. For instance the persecution of people that the Nazi’s did not like.…

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  • The Holocaust: The Children Of The Holocaust

    The Holocaust is one of the most dreadful topics to talk about. It was one of the uttermost crucial moments in the world. What was even more depressing, is the children that had to go through those awful moments. Of the millions of children murdered in the holocaust, some of who survived endured the chance to tell their stories. The holocaust was between the years of 1933 and 1945. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland, and that’s how World War two started. “Hitler was partly motivated by a fanatical…

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  • The Holocaust: The Cause Of The Holocaust

    The holocaust was a time of misery and death. It was one of the worst times in history. A mass murder of over 6 million Jews under the order of Adolf Hitler. But why did Hitler do this? Was this his plan all along or is that what he had to resort to in order to eliminate the inferior “race of the Jews?” Why he did he have such a strong belief in superiority of the German Aryan race? In in 1939, Hitler was in power in Nazi Germany. Jews feared for their lives. Simply walking down the street…

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