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  • Background Of The Schutzstaffel (SS)

    Founded in 1925, the Schutzstaffel German for Protective Echelon initially served as Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler’s personal bodyguards, and later became one of the most powerful and feared organizations in all of Nazi Germany. Heinrich Himmler, a fervent anti-Semite like Hitler, became head of the Schutzstaffel, or SS, in 1929 and expanded the group’s role and size. Recruits, who had to prove none of their ancestors were Jewish, received military training and were also taught they were the elite not only of the Nazi Party but of all humankind. By the start of World War II, the SS had more than 250,000 members and multiple subdivisions, engaged in activities ranging from intelligence operations to running Nazi concentration camps. At the postwar Nuremberg trials, the SS was deemed a criminal organization for its direct involvement in war crimes.…

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  • The Schutzstaffel: Who Were The SS, SA, SD And SA

    Who were the SS, SA, SD and SA? The Schutzstaffel (SS), or the Protective Echelon, were the elite corps of the Nazi Party. The SS were responsible for security, identification of ethnicity, settlement and population policy, and intelligence collection and analysis. The SS controlled the German police forces and the concentration camp systems. The Sturmabteilung (SA), or the Assault Division, was the sister organisation of the SS and both were in hostile competition for control of police force…

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  • Josef Mengele Accomplishments

    changed. They had just received a new, spine-chilling doctor, Josef Mengele; he had also worked in a few other camps. He was an infamous Nazi experimentalist. Josef Mengele was born on March 11, 1911 in Günzburg, Germany. In his early years, Josef seemed like a normal young boy and no one would guess that he would be the one to commit to this harsh work. He began to study medicine and found an interest in anthropology and genetics. Prior to coming to Auschwitz, Dr. Mengele had studied philosophy…

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  • Nuremberg Trials Research Paper

    This was held between 20th November 1945 to 1st October 1946, where 24 of the most prominent political and military members of the Third Reich were trialled in the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg. The prosecution accused these major war criminals and also seven organisations which include the leadership of the Nazi Party, the Reich Cabinet, the Gestapo, the ‘General Staff and High Command’, Schutzstaffel (SS), Sicherheitsdienst (SD) and Sturmabteilung (SA). As a result of the first set of…

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  • Heinrich Hammun Hitler Analysis

    LEADER OF THE SS PARTY: HEINRICH HIMMLER AND THE DESTRUCTION OF EUROPEAN JEWS DURING THE HOLOCAUST All the attention was directed to Heinrich Himmler when he stood in front of the SS squad commanders in Posen on October 4, 1943. Himmler promised that every Jew would be killed when he spoke; “I am now referring to the evacuation of the Jews, the extermination of the Jewish people. It is one of those things that is easily said: The Jewish people are being exterminated. Every party member will…

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  • Lessons Learned From The Holocaust By Heinrich Himmler

    in Munich. Himmler was old enough to serve in the war by the last few days of World War One. Heinrich joined the Nazi party a year after attending school and earning his degree in agriculture. This decision would set up a chain of events that resulted in the shocking, cruel period in history that was the Holocaust. From 1925 to 1930, he was propaganda leader for the Nazis in Bavaria, Swabia and the Palatinate. Himmler gained Hitler’s respect due to his enthusiasm toward the creation of a…

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  • Analysis Of The SS And The Gestapo: Instruments Of Destruction

    carry out these crimes against humanity? What extent of damage did the dark acts of the Geheime Staats Polizei (literal translation, Secret State Police or, best known as, the Gestapo) have in Nazi controlled Germany, and what lessons does it teach all of us today? 1940’s Protestant Pastor Martin Niemöller best put the situation many Germans were in when he wrote, “First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak…

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  • Concentration Camp And The Holocaust

    The SS stands for Schutzstaffel or protective echelon. Hitler founded the SS to serve as his protection and personal bodyguards throughout the war. The SS soon expanded to the most powerful military groups in all of Germany. The first SS consisted of only eight people who Hitler fully trusted. The SS went through three leaders before getting to the infamous leader Heinrich Himmler. Himmler became the leader of the SS and was influential in the expansion of this organization. He became leader in…

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  • Elie Wiesel's Night: The Effects Of The Holocaust

    the Holocaust? Is it the millions of Jewish lives taken, or Adolf Hitler? These are all things that often come to mind But what about all the people affected emotionally by the horrors they experienced? When we think about the Holocaust as the event that killed 6 million Jews, we should also remember the impact that it had on those that survived too. These people were often left as hollow shells of what they once were, with nobody to turn to. We see these effects in Elie Wiesel’s memoir,…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel

    the right!” This quote from the documentary has a specific mean because it emphasizes how when women were separated they were killed while men were sent to work in the camps. This then create an emotional response to be seen as pathos, because of how it was the last time he saw his mother and sister. Death surrounded him and everyone else around them every day from the death factories to the gas chamber by using chemicals such as zyklon b. It was an unfaithful moment to even presences at the…

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