Scientific opinion on climate change

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  • Argumentative Essay On Newspaper Article Analysis

    heard and understood so others do not suffer because someone is petty, self-interested, or self-righteous. Regardless of its motivation, the Guardian is a dedicated science journalism watchdog. Perhaps this is why the paper’s recent take down of the Wall Street Journal 's attempts to deny and reclassify climate change is a joyous read. In the article “The Wall Street Journal denies the 97% scientific consensus on human-caused global warming”, Dana Nuccitelli writes about…

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  • The 975 Solution Ian Tuttle Analysis

    Tuttle provides the scientific evidences that cast doubt on the claim by the White House that, “Ninety-seven percent of scientists concur and agree that there is global warming and anthropogenic impact.” Since the satellite measuring the temperature shows no significant warming change for the last 19 years, global warming alarmist called the situation “The Pause.” On the other hand, 97% of climate scientists declare that the earth is warming up, and it is mainly a result of human activity.…

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  • Major International Conflict

    Not everyone sees pollution every day, especially air or noise pollution. Some people in this world, especially in places in the United States, do not live by power plants, polluted water, or a loud street. There needs to be more topics about pollution so more human beings can get involved. The world will change if the world starts to stop pollution now. Also, many individuals ignore the fact that pollution is a major problem. “For starters, we need our lawmakers to quit ignoring climate change…

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  • Analysis Of Kate Larson's 'Resource Conservative'

    University of Colorado at Boulder’s Recyling program on campus. USGCRP. 2009. “Climate Literacy: The Essential Principals of Climate Science” This piece is packet for climate scientists to better understand what legitimate climate literacy is. Climate scientists need to make informed climate decisions that use integrated approaches in order to properly do their jobs. The piece explains that with human effort and increased understanding, climate scientists should greatly help our Earth’s…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Global Climate Change

    call-to-action near the film’s end, encouraging viewers to vote for leaders who will fight for climate change, especially since we are nearing a crucial election where one candidate has openly denied the existence of climate change, claiming that it is merely “a hoax” and that global warming is simply “the weather”. This feel made me feel anger, not only at my own ignorance, but at the inability of countries which are greatly contributing to climate change to act, especially the United States.…

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  • Making Climate Change Understandable Analysis

    “Introduction: Making Climate Change Understandable” Joseph F. C. DiMento and Pamela Doughman discuss several points about global climate change issue in this book introduction titled Making Climate Change Understandable. In this article, the authors claim that people have been inadvertently causing global climate change, which has become a major controversial topic influencing people in different aspects. Although some people start to take actions, many citizens still do not comprehend the…

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  • The Impacts Of Climate Change

    In current news, global warming, which is defined as “the gradual heating of Earth 's surface, oceans and atmosphere” (Bradford, 2014), has been a significant topic of interest. Among politicians, environmentalists, and concerned citizens, the impacts of climate change have been heatedly debated. While a portion of America believe that climate change is not a serious threat, is not caused by mankind, or perhaps is not even real, another portion believe it is the most terrifying and imminent…

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  • Essay On Climate Of Doubt

    Thoughts in climate of doubt Waleed Aldakhil SCIE 2320-14 Thoughts on Climate of Doubt Everyone likes to live in better life, healthy environment with such a pleasant weather and loving life longer. Thus, challenging ourselves to make it happen when we are the society need to make a development of this case specifically the debate of climate doubt. Consequently, in this paper what am going to write are the thoughts and opinions of the arguments especially on the subject…

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  • What Is The Scientific Basis Of Climate Change

    The scientific basis for global climate change Climate change has been a perplexing issue for several years now, and many have had projections to end climate change. Several people believe it is a hoax while others believe it’s an extensive issue due to mankind. But the first issue here is to acknowledge that climate change exits. How are we going to project climate change if mankind doesn’t believe it exits initially? But, the climate and weather of the earth is in fact changing and that is…

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  • Global Warming Is A Natural Event

    processes are natural and are given to the ebb and flow of the Earth’s rotation, precision, and periodic catastrophic events humankind’s industrial, scientific, and population explosions over the last centuries have had a marked effect on the Earth and how it is understood. As it stands, there are two major trains of thought about “climate change,” one group, the current majority, who argue that global warming is a real event and is caused by human activities and the other who argues that man’s…

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