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  • E. Cummings '' The Enormous Room'

    When Cummings finally returned home, they continued their affair as if no time had passed. Despite his deep love for Elaine, Cummings experienced tremendous guilt regarding the affair. Cummings found himself caught between the love for a beautiful women and the loyalty to a long-time friend. He often used writing to release his confined feelings of guilt and disgust. Despite his guilt, Cummings continued on with the affair, and he eventually fathered a child with Elaine. Elaine gave birth to their daughter, Nancy, on December 20, 1919. Elaine later divorced Thayer and married Cummings in 1924. The beginning of Cummings’ marriage to Elaine and the early years of Nancy’s life proved a euphoric time for Cummings; surrounded by the two people he loved the most, poems began pouring out of him that illustrated this blissful time in his life. Unfortunately, Cummings’ happiness did not last forever. Elaine fell in love with another man and called off the marriage. Devastated by the loss of his love, Cummings turned suicidal and threatened to kill himself multiple times. However, he could never follow through on his threats from fear of leaving his daughter without a father. Elaine and her new husband permanently moved to Ireland, taking Nancy with them. Cummings would later discover that Elaine never told…

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  • Edward E Cummings Your Little Voice Analysis

    Edward Estlin Cummings, a 20th century poet, painter, playwright, and novelist, impacted literature greatly. Nearly all of his poems challenged the accepted rules of writing through formatting and grammar choices. The topics of the poems created the most controversy, especially the poems he wrote focusing on nature, religion, and his sexuality. Due to his strict religious upbringing, Cummings conveys his inner strife and difficulties forming connections through his eccentric writing style.…

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  • Ambiguous Diction In 'Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town'

    The poem “anyone lived in a pretty how town” by E.E. Cummings describes the life of a man who the townspeople do not care for because they obsess over improving their own lives with insignificant objects. The man lives, falls deeply in love, and eventually surrenders to death. Yet, the townspeople pay no attention to his death because they “are busy folk,” running around infatuated with things that do not matter (line 27). Little do they know that death will soon take them also. E. E. Cummings,…

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  • How Does Walt Whitman Use Diction In O Captain My Captain

    In 1831, at the age of twelve, Walt Whitman began working for his local newspaper. He soon fell in love with the written word and started writing his own poetry (“Poet Walt Whitman”). Fast forward to the turn of the 20th century, and Whitman has already made a name for himself as one of America’s most influential poets. Two of Whitman’s most esteemed works are “O Captain! My Captain!”, written in 1865 to reflect on Abraham Lincoln's death, and “O Me! O Life!”, written in 1891 to contemplate…

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  • Bartolomeo Vanzetti Fair Trial Essay

    which was common because many Italians were escaping homeland, and moving to the United States during the 1920s (Linder). During the presentation of this evidence, it was shown that no one had full proof that these men shot and killed Parmenter and Berardelli, yet, they were still electrocuted. Sacco and Vanzetti both grew up in Italy, living very different lives. “Sacco was a high class Italian man; where Vanzetti was an unskilled laborer, living the poor life” (Foner). Although, no one knows…

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  • T. S. Eliot And The Waste Land Essay

    to take postgraduate year in Paris. As social as he was where ever he went he made friends, Jean Verdenal was a medical student who later on died in the battle of Dardanelles (World War I, British and French forces launched a ill-fated naval attack on Turkish Forces in the Dardanelles in northwestern Turkey) ( Eliot then would later on dedicate “the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufork to her. “In 1910 and 1911 Eliot copied into a leather…

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