Scottish and Southern Energy

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  • Bravery In The Civil War

    10th New York Artillery recalled “I was pleased last night just at dark to hear a Rebel Band playing a few tunes such as Dixy and Hail Columbia and our men gave them three cheers” (Davis). Therefore, around camp soldiers from both sides were able to enjoy the time they had away from fighting by listening to the wonderful sounds of music. Music duels were very common among opposing camps. The Battle of Stones River was “miserable for the soldiers in the line on both sides;” however, one of the “Union’s regimental bands struck up “Yankee Doodle” and then “Hail Columbia.” As the music drifted across the field, one of the confederate bands answered by playing “Dixie,” Then a Federal band started to play “Home, Sweet Home” within minutes, a Southern band joined in, and the bands played together in what was a unique expression of mutual longing for home and family” (New Year's). Some soldiers that enlisted in the Union army applied because the “Boston Transcript publicly announced that a famous band would be attached to some particular regiment” (The Civil War Bands). Even before the war, music was used for…

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  • Essay On European Industrial Revolution

    and urbanization as a growing number of people moved to urban centers in search for jobs. With a greater demand for manufactured goods also came new inventions such as the steam power engine, which was a catalyst for the Industrial Revolution. During the Industrial Revolution, there was a huge increase in the production of coal in Britain. There was hardly any coal found in the south but there were vast amounts that existed in the Midlands and the north. Coal was very difficult and expensive to…

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  • Importance Of Azad Kashmir Essay

    snow-secured crests, woodlands, streams, streams, valleys, velvet green levels and atmosphere fluctuating from cold to tropical consolidate to make it an astounding and mainstream visitor destination both for residential and remote travelers as the year progressed. The atmosphere of area fluctuates with elevation. The focal and northern parts as a precipitous range in the lesser Himalayas zone, is exceptionally cool in winter with snowfall and direct in summer, while the southern parts have…

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  • How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect American Society

    Cotton gin is short for Cotton engine. This new process of producing cotton contributed to mills in Great Britain and the American northeast. The innovation of machinery caused the south to become the world 's largest producer of cotton in during the time of the 19th century. This victory of the economy was followed by a human disaster as well. By 1820, a majority of the northern states completely prohibited slavery, but cotton led to a great amount of financial gain of the slavery system.…

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  • Mussels And Water Quality Essay

    Philippia 5: 383-395. Nagel, K.-O. 1992. Das Schalenwachstum dreier Muschelarten (Bivalvia: Unionidae) in der Schwalm, einem nordhessischen Mittelgebirgsfluß. Decheniana 145: 165-176. Neck, R.W. and R.G. Howells. 1994. Status survey of Texas heelsplitter, Potamilus amphichaenus (Frierson, 1898). Unpublished report, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Resource Protection Division and Inland Fisheries Division, Austin. 47 pp. Neel, J.K. 1963. Impact of Reservoirs. Pages 575593. In: Frey, D.G.…

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