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  • Staying In The European Union

    A British exit from the European Union may be on the horizon, however it will be a very difficult choice for Prime Minister David Cameron. A British exit has it’s pros and cons and if Britain 's choses to stay or leave the European Union will have the country divided, it seems as if staying in the European Union would be the smarter choice for many reasons. Staying in the European Union may have some financial benefits, but the overall freedom and happiness of the the British population will definitely not be very pleased if Britain is to stay as a member in the European Union. David Cameron stated that “ Over the longer term, the institutions and powers of the [Union] will continue to expand and certain policymaking powers heretofore vested…

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  • Trust The European Union

    military, speaks out loud about the role of trust on relations. The whole European Union is a series of mechanisms based on trust among the states. Essentially speaking a country have become a trusted member of the European Union when it has upheld the basic principles of democracy, and human rights within its borders (European Democracies, 2013, Pg. 322). In order to interpret the idea of trust and how it is applied in European states it is necessary to answer several questions including: why…

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  • European Union Flaws

    The European Union is one of the most idealistic and promising entities on the planet. It is a beacon of coming togetherness in order to promote an international wellness. However,such a political organisation will not exist without its flaws. The EUs flaws are in how its internal politics work. While the EU does try to promote a stronger Europe, sometimes this is at the cost of individual countries. The ‘one country one vote system’ that is present incentivises votes that promote the general…

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  • Migration In The European Union

    In 2014, the number of Middle-Eastern and North African migrants that reached European soil via the Mediterranean Sea was 182,156 (Guerin). This migration to Europe has risen to a much talked about issue in the European Union (EU). The drowning migrants are victims of persecution and political unrest (Squires). Though the voyage to Europe is extremely life threatening, the migrants rush to the continent in search for safety and opportunities. However, the EU is not fully upholding its social…

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  • Effects Of Brexit And The European Union

    “Brexit” and the European Union On June 24th, 2016, The United Kingdom voted in a historic referendum which caused the countries of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland to leave the European Union. “Brexit”, as the referendum was nicknamed, was strongly supported by England and Wales, while Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay within the European Union. Even in countries where the overall result was to support Brexit, the margins were small, with an overall split of only 51.9%…

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  • European Union Research Paper

    focus is the European Union. Total continental unity was always an idea in the minds of the great leaders of Europe but they could never follow through due to the fact they would use force to enforce cooperation. This all changed after World War II, unity was easier to enforce due to the fact that many of the European nations were very vulnerable at this point in time. While the Marshall Plan was taking care of the postwar recovery efforts, the European nations still needed a surplus of good to…

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  • European Union Persuasive Essay

    The European Union is one of the more perplexing creations that emerged from the aftermath of World War II. This is due to the fact that the EU developed as the natural result of an economic project rather than from deliberate intent to construct a “United States of Europe.” European leaders were focused on establishing the euro system, which was a “generations-long effort to bring peace, democracy and shared prosperity to a once and frequently war-torn continent…[an integrated economy] would…

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  • Economic Impact Of The European Union

    The European Union is an economic, social, and political union of 28 nations in Europe. Created in the aftermath of the Second World War, a union of European states was sought out and was believed to be the solution to the endless bloodshed that, fueled by the nationalist rivalries between its neighbors, had been ravaging the continent for more than a thousand years. Today, with the institution of the Treaties of Rome and Maastricht, the European Union uses the powers it has acquired from its…

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  • European Union Pros And Cons

    Recently, the UK had a referendum regarding if they should remain as members of the EU or leave. As it is known, the UK left the European Union and this was led by many factors which some argue, aggravated throughout the years. The referendum had a purpose to give the UK citizens the option to vote according to their willingness to stay in the EU compared to the issues they were facing. By cause of the wide international repercussion the referendum had, it will be analysed what led the UK to…

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  • Economic Integration: European Union, Monetary Union And Political Union

    Economic integration consists of several stages. Stages in increasing integration includes independent economy, preferential trade area, free trade area, customs union, common market, monetary union, fiscal union and political union. One of the main reason why nations pursue in economic integration is that economic integration will effect in an increase of trade between members of the state. This will lead to an increase in productivity of the nations. United Kingdom (UK), also known as…

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