European Union Pros And Cons

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Recently, the UK had a referendum regarding if they should remain as members of the EU or leave. As it is known, the UK left the European Union and this was led by many factors which some argue, aggravated throughout the years. The referendum had a purpose to give the UK citizens the option to vote according to their willingness to stay in the EU compared to the issues they were facing.
By cause of the wide international repercussion the referendum had, it will be analysed what led the UK to leave the European Union and evaluate the pros and cons such decision had in the country.

The European Union has as aim the intention to establish close economical and political relations between its members; allow the easiness to travel and reside across
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As they faced now, not only a less economical crisis, it was now time for a political crisis, which some viewed as lack of social ethic. In addition to the 10 years of migration increase, the expansion of refugee’s immigration impelled the assumption that there will be further change in the cultural dynamic and arguably a loss in the British identity.
Looking at the pros and cons it cannot be surely said that either the UK or the rest of the EU will suffer with the Brexit. However, it is assertive that rough times will come until the full economical, political and social reintegration of the UK and the EU worldwide is done. According to France’s National Front leader Marine Le Pen, the UK referendum ‘’is the most important moment since the fall of the Berlin Wall’’ ("Brexit 'Most Important Moment Since Berlin Wall ': Le Pen - BBC News") because of its true democratic nature.
Another advantages of the referendum is that the UK will be able to grow a more competitive economy outside the EU, meaning they will gain more sovereignty when making new trading partners, as trade deals with other countries might be easier to win (no regulations to follow), as well as the autonomy do decide on their own economical, political and social affairs and most importantly there will not be more payments of quotas towards the
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Also, there could be a certain difficulty for Britain to make new trade deals with the EU, outside investments slowed down, when looking at the immigration or migration aspect officials say that the Brexit was the only way to cut down on the overflow although a drop in immigration could mean labour shortage and therefore slow than the economy and any possible growth. Moreover, campaigners suggested that millions of jobs will be lost after the Brexit as figures showed that those jobs are linked to trading with the

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