Strengths And Weaknesses Of The European Union

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In this essay the main focus is the European Union.
Total continental unity was always an idea in the minds of the great leaders of Europe but they could never follow through due to the fact they would use force to enforce cooperation. This all changed after World War II, unity was easier to enforce due to the fact that many of the European nations were very vulnerable at this point in time. While the Marshall Plan was taking care of the postwar recovery efforts, the European nations still needed a surplus of good to help them rebuild. This lead to the nations making allies and eliminating the trade barriers between allied nations.
Some of the nations realized that if they all joined forces it would make their lives much easier, these countries
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They came up with the idea of adopting a single currency to support the trade process between countries run more efficiently. During the process they ran into many issues while dealing with international trade for their new currency was being denied by international banks. The Maastricht Treaty put into effect conditions that stated that all European Union members must meet before they can participate in the institution of the single currency. These conditions were meant to help the transition to make it easier for Europe to transfer to all one …show more content…
This made the home countries dismayed due to the fact that they elected the officials to control the European Union. The European Parliament although had much power and tended to compromise the European Union representatives, they did not have the jurisdictions to create legislation. They might not have the control over legislation but they have total control over the European Union’s budget. The Court of Justice was also brought out, which took over in place of the judges appointed to position by the European Union. The mission of The Court of Justice is primarily interpretations of the European Union laws and regulations. Another council that had been brought about was the Council of Ministers, their job was if there was no particular treaty not covering an issue it was taken to the Council of Ministers for them to decide the final jurisdiction. Positions on the Council of Ministers are often rotated through depending on the issue that is at hand. One of the most important organization that has come from the European Union was the European Commission. The responsibility of the European Commission was to deal with all Europe’s affairs, including their economic and agricultural affairs and many more. The European Union was not threatened by creation of these multiple organizations because they saw it as an aid to spread out the affairs, so

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