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  • Dolgeville Central School Personal Statement

    In each area I worked in, I found prominent differences in culture, social welfare, and the issues each was faced with. In Northern Ireland, I participated in an outreach program that allowed volunteers to work alongside civilians. The purpose of the organization was to reunite Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after decades of civil and religious strife. Before working with citizens, we were required to spend one week of our trip assimilating to our new environment. My group was responsible for addressing sectarianism and sectionalism, and stitching communities together. Despite the complex relationship between the North and Republic, Irish and American teens worked together to establish a new generation, one determined to eradicate sectionalism, by creating programs that integrated youth from the North and Republic. I was shocked when I discovered the people most in need weren’t from second and third world countries, but from the United States. During the weeks spent in Eleanor, West Virginia and Cairo, New York, I worked on home repairs for families in need. The majority of projects in Eleanor were simple building projects and required little skill. We were asked to focus on understanding the socio-economic…

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  • What Are The Effects Of The United Kingdom's Migration From The European Union

    I. Introduction On June 24, 2016, the citizens of the United Kingdom voted in favor for their departure from the European Union. For the past forty years, the United Kingdom has been a member of this peaceful union which is comprised of twenty-seven other European countries. The union enacts Article 50, a law that allows these countries to exit the union at will. In the events that have followed the in-favor vote to depart from the EU, little action has taken place. The nations that form the…

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  • Friends Of The Curragh Case Study

    Executive Summary The aim of this report is to give an overview of the law relating to protective costs orders in Ireland while comparing it with the UK and Australia and making suggestions for reform. I consulted several sources in relation to protective costs orders in Ireland, the UK and Australia and found suitable material. In Ireland to date only one PCO has ever been granted . However, PCO’s have also been rejected in this jurisdiction. PCO’s are only granted in cases that are…

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  • Effects Of Brexit And The European Union

    “Brexit” and the European Union On June 24th, 2016, The United Kingdom voted in a historic referendum which caused the countries of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland to leave the European Union. “Brexit”, as the referendum was nicknamed, was strongly supported by England and Wales, while Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay within the European Union. Even in countries where the overall result was to support Brexit, the margins were small, with an overall split of only 51.9%…

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  • Why Should The European Union Be Allowed In The Uk

    However, the United Kingdom has throughout its tenure in the European Economic Community and European Union maintained certain level of autonomy from Continental Europe. For example, the United Kingdom has chosen to opt out of both the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the Schengen Area. Nonetheless, the most notable British exemption from the rest of European Union is its absence from the Eurozone. Of the EU nation’s currently not in the Eurozone only Denmark and the…

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  • Brexit In The UK

    Furat Fakhreddin Academic Skills Assignment 1 Brexit is the abbreviation of Britain and Exit and it refers to a referendum vote that took place on the 23rd of March 2016 where the public voted that the United Kingdom was to exit the European Union. The leave vote won with 51.9% of the vote . This was first initiated by the UK Independence party. They pushed for the UK to leave the EU and in recent years gained the support of conservative party’s MP’s. They argue that being an EU member…

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  • Globalization: Income Inequality In The United States

    While it is good for manufacturing to be able to create goods at the lowest possible expense, the humanitarian implications are a detrimental factor. Even with the opportunities in the United States, after “20 years they (are) much more likely to live in poverty, lack health insurance, and access the welfare system than are native-born Americans.” Although the standard of living for arriving immigrants maybe be better than their home countries, this does not mean that they on an entirely equal…

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  • Judicial Review Essay

    yet its oil and characteristic gas stores are declining and the Britain turned into a net merchant of energy in 2005. In the wake of rising up out of recession in 1992, Britain 's economy appreciated the longest time of development on record amid which time development outpaced the greater part of Western Europe. In 2008, be that as it may, the worldwide financial crisis hit the economy especially hard, because of the significance of its financial sector. In 2012, consumer spending and subdued…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Refugees Seeking Asylum

    Refugees seeking asylum in United States Proposal Argument The United States has always been a country self-open to people of different ethnicities and religions. America has always been a where people can arrive and seek for a better life, with abundant amount of opportunities to offer. America is a growing nation and I believe that the U.S should allow European refugees into the country and shouldn’t avoid them as outsiders, regardless of who you are and the challenges you’ve faced to seek…

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  • Andrew Dugan's Fast Food Still Major Part Of US Diet?

    For years, it has been known that the obesity and diabetes rate in American citizens have been rising. However, how does this compare to nearby European nations? Americans are obsessed with the idea of health, yet the United States is one of the unhealthiest countries in the world. Europeans, on the other hand, do not stress over health nearly as much as Americans and continue to eat well and appetizing foods while remaining considerably healthier than the United States. According to the London…

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