Salvation Army Case Study Essay

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Salvation Army Case Study
The Salvation Army Automates Guest Access & Expands BYOD
SH: Uses Network Sentry’s Unique Multiple Portal Feature to Unify Guest Experience
Network Profile: A Cisco network that integrates 80 different locations.
• Automate the guest access provisioning process for 80 locations
• Provide a unified look and feel for 80 access portals, all with different local provisioning
• Expand BYOD wireless connectivity options without sacrificing security or compliance
Solution: Network Sentry, Bradford’s Security Automation & Orchestration Solution
• An automated wireless provisioning process that places devices on the appropriate network with the proper level of access
• Unified mobile and guest access experiences
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“One of our biggest concerns was the multiple wireless SSIDs. Anytime we wanted a new LAN or additional guest access to be provisioned, we were manually configuring access on SS1 – 7,” stated Christian Cundell, head of messaging services for the Salvation Army UK & Republic of Ireland.” In addition, with employees, guests and contractors traveling between the different locations, the organization also wanted to maintain a unified guest experience. The Salvation Army UK & Republic of Ireland needed to automate mobile access management, simplify guest access at its 80 locations, and increase endpoint security.
As the Salvation Army UK & Republic of Ireland looked for solutions, Network Sentry quickly surpasses the other competitors due to its unique multiple portal functionality. Network Sentry’s multiple portal feature was one of the only solutions robust enough to secure 80 different sites that all have slightly different provisioning based on local requirements, while still providing a similar look and feel for each access portal. To implement this solution, the organization selects Khipu Networks, a Bradford Networks partner with significant Wifi
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Network Sentry has helped the organization to automate and unify guest access, reduce the burden on IT staff, increase endpoint security and expand BYOD access. The process has gone so smoothly, that the organization is already considering expanding the use of Network Sentry to include automated threat response, before installation was even completed at all 80 locations. “The implementation went smoothly. Network Sentry has eliminated our internal guest access challenges, while providing a great user experience. We are very pleased with the product and installation,” Cundell

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