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Essay 2 One of the main characteristics of the development of international relations is trust. In essence the fact that a state can rely on the other to develop different aspects, either, social, economic, energetic or military, speaks out loud about the role of trust on relations. The whole European Union is a series of mechanisms based on trust among the states. Essentially speaking a country have become a trusted member of the European Union when it has upheld the basic principles of democracy, and human rights within its borders (European Democracies, 2013, Pg. 322). In order to interpret the idea of trust and how it is applied in European states it is necessary to answer several questions including: why do countries trust the EU? Under …show more content…
We can see how structurally the EU is based on a system of trust. Considering its framework as a supranational power in which the region can rule over the states. It can be shown on the fact that some states with higher economic power would invest in the common structure to help smaller and weaker countries, economically speaking, to develop. The impact of the structural policies of the EU to shape the infrastructure in which a society will be able to compete on a global level (European Democracies, 2013, Pg. 318), and the development of a common market in which all states have to rely on each other is also a key factor on the relation of trust among the …show more content…
319), we have to take into consideration the impact that the rules and common policies have over the state sovereignty: giving up of state domestic power to rule over the country in order to comply with the common rules established by the Union. An example of it is the fading of internal borders among the states. Essentially the fact that free movement exists represent the power of trust on the states and the actual population. The strongest example in relation to trust is the idea that national security is a shared responsibility, where the only bond is the commitment of a final goal to consolidate Europe as an economic superpower. The fact the European states favor equality over liberty, the development of the European countries as welfare states on the protection of its citizens (European Democracies, 2013, Pg. 322) and the historical increase on confidence of the states to the Union position the trust as a key factor on the policy development. The reduction of generosity of the welfare system in order to establish a common ground in which all states have the same opportunities and the same ability to provide to its citizens the quality of life that as European citizens

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