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  • The Eurozone: The Greek Debt Crisis

    When something so dramatic as a crisis happens, it is a common practice to look for a party to blame. With the implosion of Greek economy and the start of the European sovereign debt crisis in 2009, people looked for a place to point accusations. The question of whose fault exactly was the Greek debt crisis is a complicated matter, one that brings to light the problematic power dynamics employed in the eurozone. From 2009 until now the crisis has evolved, exacerbated by the capitalistic control systems of Europe’s financial titans. A large portion of Greece’s problem can be attributed to these limiting and oppressive undercurrents. The eurozone’s dominating tactics have caused major troubles for the Greece and its citizens. Up until the…

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  • Greece's Economy

    As the Eurozone bailed out Greece in their financial problems, investors thought Greece was a good place to invest. This meant lower interest rates for Greece to barrow money, as they paid off debt they could barrow more. With the lower interest rates and increase in barrowing, Greece started spending more. However, Greece was not making money to pay back their loans. Greece has had so many bailouts from the International Monetary Fund and the Eurozone that they are now forced to cut back on…

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  • Greek Crisis Essay

    Crisis In Greece The country of Greece is located in the southern part of Europe, on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Greece joined the Eurozone expecting it to help the countries economic and financial power, but in the recent months the Eurozone and Greece have not been on very good terms. The Eurozone is comprised of 19 countries that all agreed on using the same currency, the euro. Greece is facing a debt that could completely bankrupt it, and if a deal is not made with the…

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  • Austerity And The Global Financial Crisis

    Euro is launched- In 1992, the European Economic Community was established with the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty. The euro was introduced and has been adopted by Eurozone countries in 1999. National currencies started to be substituted with the euro in 2002 and the euro became the official currency of the Eurozone. The Global Financial Crisis- Although the U.S. economy had formally dived into recession in 2007; the sudden collapse of the investment bank Lehman Brothers catapulted…

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  • The Eurozone Crisis

    The Eurozone is ‘the economic region formed by those member countries of the European Union that have adopted the euro.’ Democracy can be defined as ‘a system of government in which all the people of a state…are involved in making decisions about its affairs, typically by voting to elect representatives to a parliament’. The Eurozone crisis, in simplistic terms refers to the idea that a few European countries are in debt and incapable of paying their dues. Countries like Greece have been in…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Euro

    The Eurozone or also called Euro area is the monetary union of the European Union. It consists of 19 members, which are using the Euro as their official domestic currency. The rest of the members of the European Union are still using their national currencies. One example is the United Kingdom where there is still the British Pound in use . In the United Kingdom, it is quite a controversial topic for several years if the country should introduce the common European currency or not. The Euro…

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  • European Crisis Essay

    been. Across the eighteen countries known as the Eurozone, consumer prices spiked up to 0.4 percent, along with the European Unions. However in the European Unions, consumer prices rose to its lowest in 2009, 0.5 percent. Due to these massive price changes, popular European companies have suffered greatly. A common company in Europe known as Nestlé, has had significant difficulties trying to maintain its customers. The lack of consumer spending has driven Nestles sells down by 3.1 percent in…

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  • Greek Financial Crisis Analysis

    The third criteria that need to be met are that the rate of inflation must remain within one percent of the three best-performing EU countries. After many negotiations effort, 11 of the 15 EU countries at that time, joined the Euro in 1999. While in the 1990s, the Greek government was experiencing a budget deficit that causes a devaluation of their currency (Drachma) because of mismanagement of funds; they were spending a lot of money in their public sectors due to good credit rating that the…

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  • Why Does Europe Have An Aging Population

    securities are collapsing, resulting a loss of confidence from banks. On the 23 of April 2010, Greece acknowledges that she hasn’t the means to support herself and appealed for international assistance. In order to face the Greek crisis, the IMF and the euro zone countries are going to lend 110 billions euros to Greece. Also the ECB is going rebuy the Greek debt to avoid his price to collapse. On year later, on October 27th 2011 a second help plan is put out. Providing 130 billion euros, and…

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  • The Greek Financial Crisis

    reconsidering of several policies to act as an instrument of crisis management and to avoid crisis from reoccurring again in the future. One of the changes made in fiscal policy was that a country’s “deficit/GDP ratio cannot exceed 3 per cent” (Verde 445). This would assure that short and long-term public budgets remain under control; nation debts would not increase starkly. According to Germany, EMU-countries should impose a balanced budget rule. However, this German proposal didn’t work out in…

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