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  • Personal Narrative: How To Interact With Idiotic Customer

    The location I worked at also happens to be located in the Ferry Building, one of the most famous tourist locations in San Francisco. Consequently, I, a freshly graduated high school student with no prior work experience, had no idea what to do. Nevertheless, my boss threw me right into the line after a few minutes of watching other people scoop and serve. Although I tried my hardest, I became painfully aware of my sloth-like scooping speed; I would cause backups in service because I would have one, two, or even three of my coworkers waiting on me to finish my scoop so they could grab some for their own customers. Eventually, however, I got in the knack of things; after a few weeks, I managed to pick up some new scooping techniques whilst also learning the other responsibilities of the job. I became a fully contributing member of the team, but I didn’t realize it until long afterwards. At the time, I had no idea how well I was doing - I had never experienced a work environment in which I did not receive constant feedback on my performance. Almost all of my coworkers had worked there for months or even years, so of course they could scoop, ring-up, and clean faster than me. I didn’t understand this, though, and lived in constant fear that they only thought of me as a burden - the guy who always slowed down the line. High school, and all of my twelve years of compulsory schooling for that matter, had conditioned me to work for and expect a mark. If I studied hard and…

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  • Happy Holiday: The Scoop On The Brandfors Family

    Happy Holiday's! Here's the scoop on the Brandfors Family and what we've been up to this busy and CRAZY year. Morgan turned 18 back in October and is a high school senior. She hopes to pursue a future career in law enforcement and is still making her mind up on either a Washington State Trooper or work with the FBI. In her past time, she can be seen riding our vintage Suzuki motorcycle that the two of us were determined to learn to ride. We participated in a 3 day extensive motorcycle…

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  • Potato Reaction Lab Report

    peroxide. Now record the reaction rate on a scale from 0-5, 5 being the fastest. Now do the same thing but with 1 unmashed potato, 2 mashed pieces of potato, and 3 mashed pieces of potato. Next, put on safety goggles and take about 1 ⅛ teaspoon of manganese dioxide and put it in a test tube. Add 2 ml of hydrogen peroxide to the test tube and record the reaction rate as instructed before. Repeat the manganese steps, but with 2 scoop of manganese dioxide, and 3 scoops of manganese dioxide. Record…

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  • Group Intervention Framework

    for children with anxiety. Scoop, Booth and Sutcliffe (2012) also found CBT to be effective when treating woman with postnatal depression. Positive results were seen in a study done by Jarnefelt, Lagerstedt, Kajaste, Sallinen, Savolainen and Hublin (2012), which discovered an improvement in sleep in participates that, completed CBT for chronic insomnia. The strengths Group intervention under the CBT framework has a number of advantages. A study by Scoop, Booth and Sutcliffe (2012) recognised…

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  • Alien Attack Short Story

    across the night sky,” Andy went on. “The brilliant blueish brownish lights bobbed up and down like erratic yo-yos barely touching the tops of the buildings below. What do we do? Oh, what do we do?” Andy yelped. The second call was made by General Hardcore Hanley to Mayor Merkle. “Mayor Merkle! Mayor Merkle!” the General blurted out. “We have a major situation! We are being invading by possible aliens. I recommend we blow them out of the sky before they land upon us.…

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  • The Heidi Chronicles: A Feminist Analysis

    overtly make her learn the hard truths of life. Initially, during the dance, she meets Peter who feels prophetic that their “tragic paths were meant to cross” (HC 11). In a casual way, he asks Heidi to marry him but Heidi replies shrewdly. Finally he expresses to be Heidi’s friend throughout her life, wherein he keeps up his word. Heidi, some years later meets the scornful Jew — Scoop Rosenbaum, the other man of her life,at the Eugene McCarthy rally. Working as a journalist, Scoop attacks Heidi…

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  • Ben And Jerry's Case 5: 1 Salary Ratio

    To improve and move forward the company must focus on the following practices: The Way Ahead: Ben and Jerry’s had faced issues with the keeping up with the requirement of Vermont natural dairy ingredients, their following the people culture and setting up the scoop shops only in the cities, the variable cost structure and not being able to expand geographically whereas expanding too much in the product category. In order to address these issues, they need to find the right balance between the…

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  • Marketing Analysis: Baskin-Bobbins

    The company is ranked #56 in the franchise 500 for 2017. The Franchisor is seeking new franchise units worldwide. Total sales for 2014 was 165,000,000 and it is the largest ice cream chain in the world. With over 300 million customers each year thousands or scoops of ice cream are being sold everyday. As of 2015 there are 2,478 stores in American and 7,800 around the world with each one having an ice cream flavor fit for their country. What are the company’s mission statement and/or vision for…

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  • The Myth Of Parity Analysis

    The Myth of Parity written by Scoop Jackson, argues that College athletics is a business instead of what we perceive it as. He States that college athletes sign an agreement that is a mutual agreement in which one-party is undercompensated. He points out that we have a fascination with thinking that students are being taken advantage of by multimillion-dollar colleges. The broad point of this article is how people choose to romanticize the college aspect of College athletics, to present it as if…

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  • A & P By John Updike Character Analysis

    in my case "Hello (bing) there, you (gung) hap-py pee-pul (splat)"-the splat being the drawer flying out” (6). This indicates that he knows all the little cashier noises that come intact with a purchase. The little noises have been familiarized to him so much that he created a song to go along with them. As well as him claiming, that he had completed the task often enough explains he is prolonged A & P employee. Updike uses comestibles throughout the store and Sammy’s experience and awareness…

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