Scottish Legal Aid Board

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  • Scottish Legal Aid Research Paper

    the Current Scottish Legal Aid Policy? Legal aid in Scotland is the responsibility of the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB), an institutional body created by the Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 1986 (Scottish Legal Aid Board, 2016). The actions of SLAB are consistent and stable but the Scottish government decides the aims of legal aid policy and the Scottish Parliament can implement legislative changes to the policy (Edinburgh & Scottish Legal Aid Board, 2016). The Scottish Legal Aid Board regulates the distribution of financial aid for those who are engaged or need to engage in legal proceedings but have financial constraints. This includes the review of legal aid applications, fraud investigation, and distribution of aid (Edinburgh & Scottish…

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  • Shiners Model

    they are looking to face as well as keep them informed of the status of their case. This violates Rule 1.4 in Communication, by stating that legal consequences cannot be discussed between the Counsel and Shiners (Model, 1995). They have the right to communicate in client- lawyer privilege. The Counsel is obligated to inform their clients about any decision or circumstance that occurs within their case (Model, 1995). According to Rule 1.4, the lawyer should provide information in regards to how…

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  • Lawyers Should Be Paid In Criminal Cases

    Simply put, lawyers are the lifeblood of an entire branch of the United States’ system of government: the legislative branch. Without lawyers, the entire justice system would go under. They are defendants for both the innocent and guilty, the weak and the powerful, the oppressed and the oppressors, and the individual and the government. In the simplest answer possible, lawyers are any person that speak for or instruct one side in any given case, but they do so much more. Everyone is familiar…

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  • Housing Reform Case Study

    420). This article reveals that the majority of tenants lack legal representation in housing court cases while the landlords are the only ones mainly enjoying this privilege. Legal supporters for the poor have argued that it’s crucial and necessary for poor tenants to have legal counsel in order to guarantee due process of the law which is crucial to tenants, their families and to the community (Caroll, p. 420). In order to conduct the experiment, two primary empirical questions were developed…

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  • Importance Of Ppe

    and safety that require specialist training Tasks that the learner should not carry out without special training may include those relating to: • Use of equipment • First aid • Medication • Assisting and moving • Emergency procedures • Food handling and preparation. Under the Management of health and safety at work regulations, Regulation 13: ‘The employer must ensure individuals are appropriately trained to carry out their duties’. Many pieces of legislation require an employer to…

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