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  • Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project

    350 word limits Essay Question - Other than your Eagle Scout leadership service project, what service have you provided to your community during your high school years? During my high school years, I have primarily provided service through my participation in the Christiana Care VolunTeen program and through the various clubs that I lead. The Christiana Care VolunTeen program allows young adults to help serve at the hospital in various areas, often exposing teenagers to how a hospital operates. Specifically, I worked in the Outpatient Pharmacy, SurgiCenter, and Pathology/Histology Lab, assisting patients and doctors with their various needs and tasks. Throughout the two summers that I volunteered at the hospital, I helped fold several hundred…

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  • Reflection On Field Site Experience

    Field Site Experience PORT Human Services on Paladin Drive offers an opioid treatment programs (OTP; it is known as PORT Methadone Clinic. My experience at PORT OTP has been an emotional roller coaster. I had an interview with another student, my site supervisor, another counselor, and the site director. During the interview, I was told that if I could successfully complete practicum at this site, I would be prepared to work with any population and any facility in the profession. I was informed…

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  • Reflection On The Ministry Of Business

    The Ministry of Business was an eye opener of how to integrate God based values and principles into business. We have to start with ourselves. Our personal life has to be to the standard that we can have personal revelation for ourselves and for our business. I am going to focus on 5 points that I thought were important in the book. First, Steven Hitz teaches us that there is no coincidences. Heavenly Father has a purpose in everything that happens to us. Hitz summarized, “Follow the prompting…

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  • Why Safety Is Important Essay

    Safety is very important in our facility. Therefore, since I have started I made sure we had a meeting during our lunch break discussing the safety protocols. The purpose of this was to inform everyone what to do and where to go if something dangerous ever occurs. With so many things that have happened lately in the world it was important for me to make sure everyone feels safe and secure working here. I do hope that we never get to actually do any of these things but if there is an accident at…

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  • Narrative: Is Everyone The Same?

    Is Everyone the Same? Narrative When I was 13 years old I went to a Boy Scout event with thousands of Scouts, that was 15 days long called National Jamboree, which was held out in West Virginia. It wasn’t going to be like any other normal scout trip I’ve been on where it’s just my friends and I that go on a weekend campout. This was going to be a fun and a very adventurous trip with people from all over the world in which I had no clue what I was going to expect. I’ve never been around other…

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  • After 12 Age Is Important Essay

    ”After Twelve, age isn’t important. Most of us even lose track of how old we are...What’s important is the preparation for adult life and the training you’ll receive.” This quote is from the book, The Giver, and even though it was said in a fictional world where everything is always perfect, it still can relate a great deal to reality. We might not lose track of how we are, or agree that age is not important after twelve, but it is important to be prepared for adulthood. Everyone needs good…

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  • My First Day In College Essay

    For many people, their first day at college is one of the most stressful days of their lives. They simply do not know what to expect in this new environment. Even though it was stressful for me, too, it was also one of the most exciting days of my life. It was my first day of attending university in the United States which I knew was the first step toward reaching my ultimate goal. I got to meet many new and interesting people who shared similar interests to me. Overall, my first day of college…

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  • Comparison Of Sniff And Scury

    Who moved my cheese has four little characters, two were mice named Sniff and Scurry and the other two were littlepeople named Hem and Haw. Sniff and Scurry same as Hem and Haw spent their daily lives searching for special cheese, which refers to what they desire in life. If we relate this to an organization, the two mice Sniff and Scury have different ways in finding their cheese or reaching their goal than the two little people Hem and Haw. They also have different characteristics and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Dr. Elliott

    seizing opportunities and considering every option. They set out to ensure that I would be able to do this. I learned to play the violin and piano through private lessons, learned to play soccer, basketball and tennis, learned how to swim, took part in Cub Scouts, attended Korean School for many years, traveled to foreign countries such as Nicaragua to help those less fortunate than me and much more, all painstakingly paid for by my poor but hardworking parents. The sole purpose of getting…

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  • The Influence Of Community Service

    birthday, was not only the one year anniversary of our house fire, but also a day of rejoice for my family, friends, and myself. This day was the crowning point of my scouting career. I remember standing in the lobby of the local scout office, with my parents and scoutmaster nervously waiting for my name to be called. Attempting to calm myself by talking and laughing with everyone, to not show my nerves, my name was finally called. This was it; there was no turning back now. As my scoutmaster…

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