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  • Shiners Model

    Counsel cannot legally withhold information pertaining to their client’s case (Model, 1995). They have to inform them of any consequences that they are looking to face as well as keep them informed of the status of their case. This violates Rule 1.4 in Communication, by stating that legal consequences cannot be discussed between the Counsel and Shiners (Model, 1995). They have the right to communicate in client- lawyer privilege. The Counsel is obligated to inform their clients about any decision or circumstance that occurs within their case (Model, 1995). According to Rule 1.4, the lawyer should provide information in regards to how they plan to represent the client and successfully win their case. The lawyer must advise the client about any limitations that they may encounter while representing them (Model, 1995). Overall, this model rule shows that the lawyer must keep a certain level of communication. The client must be given details pertaining to their case and matters must be explained in a manner that allows for the Shiners to make informed decisions (Model, 1995). Counsel does have a requirement to make progress in completing their client’s case. Rule 1.3 references that diligence that should be done with each case that a lawyer takes…

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  • Aspen Dental Case Study

    experience in providing in-house counsel to rapidly expanding organizations. Today, he works strategically to improve Aspen Dental’s growth while maintaining legal compliance within the multi-state organization. Growth is a sign of a healthy business by anyone’s standard. Aspen Dental, a manager of dental services, supporting offices in 33 states, has enjoyed an impressive amount of growth with the last few years. Clocking in 3.4 million patient visits with 750,000 new patients added in 2014,…

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  • Single Mother Essay

    Single Mother of Two Passes Away From Cancer; Will Not Properly Prepared A single mother of two, who succumbed to cancer made the week’s headlines. The story goes that when she first got aware of her condition she immediately started to make will preparations as is the norm employing the use of Eventually, she was able to come up with a “legal will” complying with all standards, including the witnessing formalities as par the requirements of the law of Florida. The details stated…

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  • Counsel Suffering Research Paper

    How can/should I counsel suffering people? Suffering is not only biblical but it is a normal portion of our day-to-day lives. The bible says in James 1:2-4, “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing” (James 1:2-4, n.d.). Suffering is a part of life and how we choose to walk through the pains of…

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  • Character Analysis: The Canterbury Tales

    Payne, Austin English IV, 4th hour December 7, 2015 Paper The Prologue of The Canterbury Tales During the time of The Canterbury Tales the church people are supposed to follow certain rules that put them right with god. The four rules are considered as vows. The four vows are: poverty, stability, chastity, and obedience. The vow of poverty is about not being attached to such world such as garments or jewelry. The vow of stability is about focusing on god, day on and day off. The vow of…

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  • ISO, PO, And Regional Counsel: Case Study

    ISO, PO, and Regional Counsel. 1. Draft local releases to include all information the HIPAA Breach 2. Consider the prospect of having their regional OPIA staff as a resource. 3. Give draft release to facility PO, who will send it to OIT’s Incident Resolution 4. Service. When the news release has been approved and sent out, give a copy to the facility PO and identify the media outlet(s), to which it was sent. Public Affairs Office (PAOs): Follow Up • When contacted by the news media, be…

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  • Memorandum Of Law To Jennifer Greene's Jewelry Legal Counsel

    Memorandum of Law TO: Greene’s Jewelry Legal Counsel FROM: Jana Johnson RE: Jennifer Lawson-Unlawful Termination and Breach of Confidentiality DATE: November 4, 2016 INTRODUCTION Jennifer Lawson has filed suit for wrongful termination and Greene’s Jewelry has filed suit for breach of confidentiality. The case will require Greene’s Jewelry to defend its innocence and prove that it was within its legal rights to terminate Ms. Lawson and in turn, file suit for breach of confidentiality based…

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  • Communication Weakness In Research

    in the way that defence counsel has sought to test the credibility of the evidence given by this witness, about how the accused reacted to the behaviour of the complainant. The main communication weakness in segment one is gratuitous concurrence. The first contribution leading to gratuitous concurrence can be drawn from the context of the cross-examination. The defence counsel a non-indigenous man is a person in authority, a barrister. The witness in this case being cross-examined is an…

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  • Analysis Of If You Cannot Afford An Attorney

    Allison D. Kuhn’s article titled “If You Cannot Afford an Attorney, Will One Be Appointed for You?: How (Some) States Force Criminal Defendants To Choose Between Posting Bond and Getting a Court-Appointed Attorney”, published in 2012, provides a critique of the present-day US system of assigning state-provided counsel to indigent defendants. The author focused on the ambiguity of the term ‘indigent’ and criticized the system of indigence determination based on the defendant’s ability to post a…

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  • Judge Kaddos Case Study

    A judge had already made an opinion on part of the case with one of the defendant’s clients, the exercise machine company. The past Judge had reportedly said the exercise machine company representatives are restricted to only saying, that the machine worked but the plaintiff misused it. The company had no knowledge of how the injury could have occurred so, their lawyers were left with a restriction. A fact was that the machine fell and caused a head injury, but I’m not sure how it physically…

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