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  • Self-Reflection: Improving Writing Skills

    Self-Reflection This GSW 1110 class has improved my writing skills in many different ways such as my techniques I use to get my paper to where it needs to be, how to research for credible sources, counterarguments and refutations, and how to present different tasks in different papers. In the beginning of this class, we had set goals to accomplish my the end of this course. My goals were to stay organized, making sure each topic I picked was interesting, manage my time better, making sure the people I ask to help are trustworthy and can help me improve my work, and making sure I try my hardest on each essay. Everything that I have learned in this class has improved my writing style and techniques tremendously from the beginning of this GSW…

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  • Counter Arguments Against Death Penalty

    think, believe, or do something. Some of the counterarguments, critiques, and questions they offer may be excellent ones; others may reflect ignorance about the topic or the audience's distrust of you, the speaker. This week, your discussion is about how you deal with counterarguments and detractors in a real-life speech. In your initial post, identify three legitimate counter arguments, critiques, or questions that an audience might pose in opposition to the speech you submitted last week.…

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  • Disadvantages Of Critical Thinking

    stakes of the argument, and why the argument matters to their field of research. If the argument has no purpose, then the writers desired audience have no reason to read it. It is also vital for the writer to implement counterarguments throughout their claim to give the audience multiple view points and to let the reader know you have recognized the other sides of the argument, and have taken them into consideration, refuted them, and have therefore produced the…

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  • Ethos, Logos 'And Cooper's In Defense Of Black Rage'

    Both Cooper’s and King 's works, “In defense of black rage” and letter from birmingham jail” both use the three rhetoric 's: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, as well as strategies like providing counter-argument that further supports their goals. I will explain how similar they are by exploring ethos and logos while understanding why those methods of argumentation is effective in persuading the reader. Cooper’s “In defense of black rage”, asks questions like: why would an unarmed teen go against an…

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  • Case For Reparations

    evidence for both, and does not marry the two ideas until the conclusion of the work, the idea encapsulated in the quote “What I’m talking about is more than a recompense for past injustices-more than a handout, a payoff, hush money, or a reluctant bribe. What I’m talking about is a national reckoning”. By not establishing how he considers reparations until the end, Coates relies solely on his evidence and the inference of the reader for the majority of his work, adversely impacting the…

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  • The Argument Essay: The Benefits Of Community Based After School

    The counterargument that I addressed in the paper was that "community-based after-school programs can cause segregation amongst other ethnic groups". I showed my understanding on this argument by providing relevant evidence that supports the claim. Then, after addressing the counterargument, I offered a different perspective, in which I wrote that "the structures of these community-based after-school programs were organized specifically to accommodate the intended populations such as immigrants,…

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  • Headphone Consequences

    All the credibility that Heffernan builds with her very sound evidence is wrecked after she fails to adequately present the counterargument. The only mention of any type of counterargument that is for the use of headphones is the phrase that, “Indeed the device seems to solve a real problem by simultaneously letting them have a private auditory experience and keeping shared spaces quiet”. She then quickly refutes this counterargument on sentence later when she states that,” But the downside is…

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  • Adrienne Lafrance's Influence On Social Media

    dilemma. By warning of “identity theft and digital kidnapping, real-time information about their children’s whereabouts, and intimate settings,” the author appeals to a parent’s sense of protection over their child. Once again, Lafrance is aware of her audience. She uses frightening consequences that demand fear from the reading parent, making her argument personal. It hits close to home for those with any contact with children, forcing them to consider thinking twice about what they may share…

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  • Persuasive Academic Argument

    Outcome three asks the student make a persuasive academic argument. Step one to having a complete complex argument is having a claim. The claim is important to the argument because it encompasses the thesis and roadmap of the paper, along with stating the stakes and the counter argument. Every effective argument needs such a complex claim. The stakes are important because they let the reader know why the argument matters and should be thought about. In major paper one I was successful in having…

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  • The Singer Solution To World Poverty Rhetorical Analysis

    In a society where “giving food to starving kids in Africa” has become almost a cliché, utilitarian philosopher Peter Singer makes the readers of The New York Times step back and reevaluate their spending choices in his 1999 essay “The Singer Solution to World Poverty”. Through a mixture of examples and facts Singer calls upon those with excess money, typically used on luxuries, to instead donate that money for overseas aid agencies. In order to persuade the reader to follow through with his…

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