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  • The Virgin Mary In Du Fay's Poem

    among these ‘girls’. The veneration of the Virgin Mary in this respect was in fact neither unheard of nor decried in the Renaissance period; even in the Late-Medieval Era, this type of imagery was commonplace (Pesce 2009: 152). However, the pre-enlightenment reverence of the physical features of the Virgin Mary can be viewed more as a stylistic and poetic custom than a sign of growing materialist and secular influences, which would not truly begin until philosophers such as Machiavelli, another Florentine, normalised resentment of the Church in the 1510s (Unger 2011:180), paving the way for some composers to distance themselves from the sacred origins of the motet. Towards the end of the Fifteenth Century, motets generally used four-part counterpoint; from the turn of the Sixteenth Century to the era of Josquin, it was common for composers to write motets for either four or five voices (Sherr 2000: 250). In Illibata Dei virgo nutrix, an example of a five-voice motet, Josquin uses the letters of his own name acrostically to commence each line of text (Clutterham 1997). Furthermore, in the same motet, he uses the tones ma and ri from solfè ège to refer to The Virgin Mary (Clutterham 1997). The term ‘Syntactic Imitation’ (Sanders et al. 2007-17) can be used to describe this kind of textual complexity in relation to renaissance music. Significantly, Josquin’s surge in creativity coincides with the period known as the High Renaissance, sometimes referred to as the ‘culmination’…

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  • Personal Narrative: Current Trends In Music

    My grandson asked me to tell him a story about myself, so I recounted my early days when I met the great Jacques Arcadelt. It was many years ago in the mid 1530's. I had snuck into a party hosted by the Medici family. I heard beautiful music and wanted to see the performers first hand. Plus, they always have the best wine. The Medici family has been in power in Florence for so long, people know of no other rulers here. Even though they still followed a monarchical structure and often ruled…

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  • Point Counterpoint: Network Neutrality Nuances

    Critical Review of Barbara von Schewick 's part of Point Counterpoint: Network Neutrality Nuances Net neutrality is a problematic subject that has been around now for a number of years, and is now becoming a widely known and heavily debated topic. The basic definition of net neutrality is that any major ISP or the government cannot provide a bias on, or modify data packets coming from online servers. In the article “Point/Counterpoint Network Neutrality Nuances” partially written by Barbara von…

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  • Philip D. Morgan Slave Counterpoint

    Although not focused exclusively on female enslavement, Philip D. Morgan’s Slave Counterpoint: Black Culture in the Eighteenth-Century Chesapeake & Lowcountry echoes the contrasting identities between white and black Americans and its impact on the moral development of society. According to Morgan, “Slavery was not curious abnormality, no aberration, no marginal features or early America. Most eighteenth-century Americans did not find it an embarrassment or an evil. Rather, slavery was a…

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  • Counterpoint: Gun Control Saves Lives: Article Analysis

    Ballaro, Beverly, and Laura Finley. "Counterpoint: Gun Control Saves Lives." Points Of View: Gun Control (2015): 3. Points of View Reference Center. Web. 7 Oct. 2015. Ballaro, Beverly and Finley, Laura points out the main theme of this article as “Gun control regulation is the best tool we have in the fight to reduce gun violence in the United States.” Both agree that the United States has one of the highest rates of gun-related violence in the developed world. Gun control has remained the…

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  • Contrapunctus 1: The Art Of Fugue

    In the first part of Contrapunctus 1, the exposition, an organ introduces the main theme (subject) with the alto range. The theme’s melody starts low, rises to the highest pitch, then waivers around the first pitch of the theme. Performed in quadruple meter, the exposition’s main theme is mostly conjunct with one disjunct phrase in the middle. After the subject is introduced by the alto the soprano answers by repeating the subject at a higher pitch. Following the soprano’s answer the bass…

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  • Ethics: Sexual Morality

    disagree. Counterpoint: There is a social cost for sexual relations outside of a monogamous relationship. The spread of disease, and children born to single mothers have a cost that the taxpayer has to front. B. You can't turn the clock back on the revolution. Point: People will be unwilling to give up the freedom to have sexual relations outside of traditional marriage, people are accustomed to the lifestyles they currently…

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  • Getting Better By The Beatles: Song Analysis

    The first verse, which is catchy and upbeat, has an element of back and forth between the two main vocals (e.g., 0:09-11 and 0:11-13). When the chorus begins, the chord progression (0:00-09) makes a comeback, and the tense notes, surprisingly, blend with the appealing and light vocals. This ingenious relationship is personified through the lead vocal, Paul McCartney, who is challenged by the counterpoint harmonies that follow each line (i.e., the second vocal). The second voice sings in falsetto…

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  • Cinderella Vs. Sexton's Cinderella

    I felt that Sexton’s “Cinderella” was a direct counterpoint to Disney’s version of Cinderella because the contrast between the two is so stark. However, after doing a little research I found out that Sexton published a book of poems based on the Grimm Brothers fairy tale called Transformations. So Sexton was not calling out Disney specifically, still, the plot is similar and they can be compared and contrasted. Most are familiar with the Disney version, I perhaps more than most having two…

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  • Your Genes To Produce Designer Babies: Article Analysis

    The author uses research using a mice experiment to show how epigenetics can be beneficial when knowing they can be passing down healthier genes. This makes the reader pay attention to the idea by making want to know if there 's other ways to change their genes to prevent bad genes from passing down. The author also uses counterpoints to point out the negative aspects on epigenetics like how the process may be against certain ethics, but this too makes the reader pay attention to the idea by…

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