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  • Characteristics Of A Crane

    Slew ring (turntable) – The gears which a crane uses to rotate. This is a fixed location usually directly under the operators cab. Counterweights – A set of large weights positioned in line with the boom but located on the opposite side of the slew ring. Figure 1: Anatomy of a Tower Crane (Wick, 2010) 2. How Cranes Work A cranes purpose is to pick up and move objects in a horizontal and/or vertical direction before placing them down again. The size of the load a crane can lift is based on its weight rating. This varies greatly between cranes and often two cranes with the same or similar ratings will be required on a large building site to ensure all lifts can be made. 2.1 Load Charts & Lifting Capacities The capacities listed in a cranes load chart are not the actual loads that can be lifted on the…

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  • Trebuchet Lab Report

    more times, and the average calculated. The experiment was then repeated for all the other knots on the sling (6, 9, 12, 15). The maximum theoretical flight distance was then calculated for the Trebuchet. This was done by using the formula, 2xMass of the Trebuchet counterweightMass of the projectilex Drop distance of the counterweight. The Trebuchet efficiency was calculated for each of the distances…

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  • Advancements In Medieval Warfare: The Trebuchet

    stones it was capable of collapsing walls and even whole fortresses or buildings. Additionally, by using the trebuchet medieval warriors were able to destroy a city in a shorter amount of time(Devries and Smith). Although the trebuchet had multiple uses and it was considered invaluable there were some disadvantages to using it. For example, the trebuchets required skillful engineers to operate it, and these engineers often became sick, were killed, or left because they were unpaid. Also, these…

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  • Trebuchet Research Paper

    Once this is done, the counterweight (i.e. potential energy) is increased by weight (in this experiment those take the form of ~0.5 kg weights) being added. The sling and projectile are put into position below the hinge under the beam, and upon triggering the projectile is accelerated as the gravitational potential energy of the counterweight begins to turn into kinetic energy (energy of movement). The sling portion of the trebuchet serves to magnify this by first moving the projectile…

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  • Compare And Contrast Trebuchets And Catapults

    What causes the projectile to launch at very far distances? There are multiple aspects which make the object launch at a far distance and at a great speed. In fact, trebuchets are very similar to seesaws. For the arm to swing forward, there is a weight attached at the shorter end of the arm called a “counterweight”. This counterweight acts as the force to propel the weight attached at the long end of the trebuchet. Hence, when the counterweight is being pulled up, the arm stores gravitational…

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  • Trebuchet Engineering Research Paper

    One side of the lever goes up as the other one goes down. To explain for the launch to commence the counterweight must be much heavier than the object or projectile. This has to be simply because the opposite side of the trebuchet has to be lifted up with extreme force to get it moving. For example if there was a little kid on a see-saw and he wanted to reach the top a tree without climbing it. An elephant would have to jump onto the other side to get the little kid to his destination up in…

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  • Essay On Trebuchet

    Trebuchet: A machine used in medieval siege warfare for hurling large stones or other missiles. This is one of the most important and game changing weapon of all time. When the trebuchet is fired, the weight box falls and the force of gravity causes rotational acceleration of the attached throwing arm around the axle (the fulcrum of the lever). The throwing arm is usually four to six times the length of the counterweight portion. These factors multiply the acceleration transmitted to the…

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  • Disadvantages Of Catapults During The Siege Warfare

    The trebuchets were a complicated weapon, making the operations difficult. The trebuchet is was in itself complicated to build. The trebuchet was large making transporting difficult. Some of them could be dismantled and carried in pieces on the back of their work-animals, but most were built in place. This required having the right tools and materials. Also, the workers had to be smart. It was also expensive to build. Another disadvantage was that often the counterweight portion of the…

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  • Gravitational Potential Energy Lab Report

    I weighed the cart and the mass by placing it on the balance; its mass was 997 grams. The uncertainty was estimated to be ±1 gram. The balance measures to the one’s place; therefore the most the measurement could be off is one gram. I tied a string to the cart and placed it over the wheel and attached the string to the counterweight, which included a weight hanger and weights. I then determined the hanging mass required to make cart move at constant velocity to determine the friction force on…

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  • Catapults Used In Early Modern Time

    Catapults can be used in many ways. They were used in ancient history times. There are many types of catapults. When launching a projectile, physics is used in the catapult. Catapults are very helpful to launching things to either destroy something or to launch something over a taller building. Catapults were one of the most effective weapons in early modern times. Catapults were used by Greeks, Romans, and Chinese. In history, the catapults were used to launch missiles directly at a wall or…

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