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  • Brazil Army Case Study Solution

    problems for the formation and the training of the artillery Soldiers. The discussion about solutions goes through some alternatives to manage that situation or at least, finding a balance between Soldier’s preparation and resources management. One of the feasible alternatives to this problem would be increase the number of combined exercises among the artillery subsystems in order to save some resources. This way, instead of doing a certain number of exercises per year, it is possible to do combined exercises among the artillery subsystems replacing the conventional exercises. The aspects to consider in this case is about of the importance of an effective coordination…

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  • Why Is The Somme Important

    scale. On the military side, the most shocking fact is the number of casualties -420.000 British and 20.000 French (which seems like too high a price for the small amount of land gained – a stretch of 25km long and 6km wide). General Haig (who was directing these attacks) used sometimes inflexible tactics which remain controversial to this day, according to some of his soldiers and some historians. The first day of the attack was probably the most significant and meaningful failure. After the…

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  • Chipyong-Ni Battle Analysis

    length of the village was less than a mile long and about several blocks in width. At the time, Chipyong-ni was in the east-west center of South Korea, approximately forty miles south of the 88th parallel; it was located fifty miles east of the city of Seoul. This village positioned fifteen miles northwest of Wonju, and twenty miles north of Yoju, Chipyong-ni was part of the Chipyong-Wonju-Yoju triad. The triad of villages shared a series of narrow gravel roads. U.S. forces found these roads…

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  • Life In Trench Warfare

    Examples of this would be the fire steps which were dugouts higher than the rest of the trench floor created. (Bunker) They were created for sentry duty, sniper use, and unit defense of the trench line. This way soldiers can fire at the enemy trenches. Another example of this would be dugouts. Dugouts were below the floor of the trench, they contained tunnels leading underground and into the trench walls. (Bunker) These underground dugouts were intended to provide safety from artillery…

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  • How Did Ww1 Affect The Lives Of Soldiers

    The lives of men in war are completely different than any ordinary day for someone not in war. They face many things that regular people couldn’t cope with. They have to worry about loud noises; the machine guns, diseases, and exploding artillery shells that often caused them to panic and lose their bearings. They only went forward because they were carried on by the force of the soldiers around them. Soldiers in war also lived with the persistent presence of death and watching people they loved…

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  • Essay On Trebuchet

    in the 4th century BC). At the Battle of Caishi in 1161, trebuchets operated by Song Dynasty soldiers fired bombs of lime and Sulphur against the ships of the Jin dynasty navy during the Jin–Song wars. Recent work showed that the traction trebuchet was transferred to the eastern Mediterranean by the late 6th century during the Northern Zhou or Sui dynasty.[4] The traction trebuchet next appeared in Byzantium. The Strategikon of Emperor Maurice, composed in the late 6th century, calls for…

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  • Air Defense History

    Many people may not know that Air Defense Artillery lineage comes from Coastal Artillery Corps. It was created after the revolutionary war in order to protect the United States coasts against naval attacks and bombardments by ships. Air Defense Artillery has come a long way and has had to continuously evolve in order to protect the US from adversaries and danger. From the Multiple Gun Motor Carriage M-16 Halftrack to Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, the mission has always been to protect…

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  • Zachary Taylor's Defeat In The Battle Of Palo Alto

    Mexican-American war even though the battle took place days before America declared war on Mexico. The battle was short lived, proving the American artillery tactics and armament far superior to that of Mexico. The number of casualties Mexico took during this short battle was more than double that of America. Zachary Taylor, an American General from Virginia, was born in 1784. He was born into a wealthy family of slave owners and always wanted to be a military man. At the age of 24, he…

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  • Symbolism In John Mccrae's In Flanders Field

    Soldiers that fought in the trenches had to face the constant fear of death and pain. They became very aware of their own mortality as they faced disease and bullets. Artillery and machine gun fire and barbed wire tore through their friends’ bodies and laid waste to beautiful landscapes. It would have been very easy to despair and feel as though the world around them were being destroyed. However, one soldier was able to find hope and encouragement, even when surrounded by this world of human…

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  • Essay On World War 1 Weapons

    The information I gathered for this weapon is also on “HistoryNet Weapons of World War 1” which states, “The 20th century’s most significant leap in traditional weapons technology was the increased lethality of artillery due to improvements in gun design, range and ammunition‚—a fact that was all too clear in the Great War, when artillery killed more people than any other weapon did. Some giant guns could hurl projectiles so far that crews had to take into account the rotation of the earth when…

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