Self-Reflection: Improving Writing Skills

Self-Reflection This GSW 1110 class has improved my writing skills in many different ways such as my techniques I use to get my paper to where it needs to be, how to research for credible sources, counterarguments and refutations, and how to present different tasks in different papers. In the beginning of this class, we had set goals to accomplish my the end of this course. My goals were to stay organized, making sure each topic I picked was interesting, manage my time better, making sure the people I ask to help are trustworthy and can help me improve my work, and making sure I try my hardest on each essay. Everything that I have learned in this class has improved my writing style and techniques tremendously from the beginning of this GSW …show more content…
Some of the different strategies that I had used for each of the different essays is counterarguments, peer edits and reviews, knowing when my information is credible, and St. Martin’s Writing Guide. All of these things have strengthened my critical thinking during revisions and while writing my essays. The different tasks helped me look at new things to write about and how to present these different tasks properly, counterarguments helped me look at the topic I was supporting and find an argument against why my side was not the strongest, peer edits and reviews helped me revise essays strongly, and the St. Martin’s Writing Guide introduced new techniques of writing that were new to me and how to do it strongly. In my Proposing a Solution essay, I had used multiple different sources to prove one point in several different ways. The multiple sources came together to support my side of the topic. During this essay, I had asked several of my peers to look at my sentence structure as well as look at the entire paper and comment on things that could be improved. Along with these sources, I had to make sure they were all credible enough to put into my essay to prove my point. These sites were either a government, news, or a well known organization that provided good information. These sites had a date of publication, an author, a title, and a website name. All of these different things that had went into my essays was a type of critical thinking. Every type of critical thinking has improved my writing style along with preparing me for my future academic classes and my future

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