Reflective Essay: My Writing Process

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For some of us writing might not be as easy as for others. To me writing could be a long process of different stages that might get difficult with time. My writing process is very complicated and confusing but it could be improved by rereading and revising my drafts. I’ve never being a writing person, meaning writing process can get really difficult for me and it even deals with a lot of thinking. I like to think of my writing process as a test because I like to do better every time and just like a test I like to take my time. My writing process has become better with time but I think there is still a lot to learn. When I write I like to feel comfortable and I like to be in a place where I know the environment. The ideal place for me to write …show more content…
I find very hard to come on with ideas even if its about a simple subject. I have to rethink and even ask my friends or family members for some ideas. When i find myself stuck in a idea I have to stop writing and take a break. By taking a break I feel like I have an opportunity to have a fresh mind when I get back to the writing. I also think its hard the drafting section. I find this part hard because there is times where I don’t know what I need to change to make the writing better. Usually after the first draft I get stuck and don’t know how what I have to change or add. Something that I do like is to get feedback from other people. Some people would argue that getting feedback from others is not too good but most of the time it works for me. The reason why I like others to read my writing is because it helps me catch some errors in my writing. What I find most confusing is once I have ideas, how to put them together. I always need help with the organization of my writing. I feel like without an organization is really easy for the reader to get lost. When it comes to getting everything organized and put together I like to ask an instructor about it and that is what usually works for

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