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  • The Importance Of Myself As A Writer

    the course of this semester I learned a handful of things about myself as a writer, that will help me develop as a more proficient writer over the course of my four years here. As a writer one of my strengths is backing up my argument with solid and concrete evidence that truly makes the reader believe what they are reading. Another area of my writing that I excel in is being able to process great ideas that follow the guidelines and the prompt. With that being said I have also seen that while the ideas may come with ease, I do have a challenging time with getting the ideas from my head onto paper in a manner that isn’t so disorganized that it makes the reader second guess themselves. Another shaky part of my writing comes much before the actual forming of sentences. Even before I began to formulate sentences on paper, more often times than not I will not outline the paper and the main talking points of my paper. This makes it very difficult to write without going off track…

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  • My Strengths As A Writer

    I believe that strengths as a writer are that I have excellent ideas on what to write my paper about. When it comes to how to correctly structure my paper that’s where I begin to mess up. A lot has to do with procrastination, waiting till the next day or the day the paper is due to turn it in. My laziness and procrastination had a lot to do with my overall grade. That’s when I begin to stress and just put things together to just at least turn the paper in. I know that writing has not been one of…

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  • Importance Of Writers Block

    (Montgomery 146). Writer’s block is a common predicament for many authors; young and old alike. It silences even the greatest of writers, as Lucy Maud Montgomery indicates in her insightful journal entry titled, Publishing Anne. Writer’s block cannot be generalized, it has separate causes and therefore, separate solutions. Writers often have difficulty producing original ideas when creativity in a written work is absent. Personal issues, causing a specific state of mind, can have a significant…

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  • The Importance Of Being A Writer

    Okay, so you want to be a writer? One thing you have to decide is if you ever want to be rich, because if you do, stop reading right now. Money will be in limited supply, roughly enough to keep you writing and alive. Procrastination is bound to strike you, the novel will sound so great in your head that your fingers and limitations won’t want to spoil the bountiful extravagance of your ideas. Soak up every little thing that you see or hear, wring out your sponge brain on the page and craft the…

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  • The Importance Of A Television Writer

    According to Sonaku, a career website, a Television Writer is an experienced writer whose duties include developing, writing, and revising television scripts before they are released to the public. With writing the script comes creating the characters, developing the dialogue, and creating a scenario that will be interesting to the viewers. Career One Stop, a website that people can use to research the different types of careers states thatTelevision Writers usually work in teams to ensure that…

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  • The Importance Of Being A Young Writer

    When I was younger, I always wanted to be a writer. I loved the idea of someone reading my thoughts and ideas as they were printed on paper. As of now technology has advanced quite well and has made the process of sharing information a great deal easier. I can proudly say that I am now a blog owner. However, it seems I may have entered the game a little late or perhaps a tad bit early. I’ve read in various places that there’s always an advantage when starting early. As the saying goes, “The…

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  • What Are The Criterias To Be A Good Writer?

    The criteria needed to be considered be a good writer from an academic standpoint is a complex formula that for some comes naturally and for others is like navigating a nearly impossible labyrinth of methods, rules, and requirements. Many students including myself, struggle with these concepts. Even after having a background with college level English courses, both of which I was enrolled in at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), the struggle continues. In my own experience, frustration…

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  • Personal Reflection: An Excursion Of A Writer

    Looking back on my past writings, I have noticed multiple errors that now cause myself to cringe. I am pleased to say I have improved tremendously as a writer; however, I do have room to enhance my writing skills. To be the best potential writer, I must work on or continue with three major issues: focusing on improving with my weaknesses, staying up with my strengths, and achieving my goals for myself as a writer. Even experts acquire a few weaknesses they may need to work on; however, I…

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  • The Importance Of Being A Successful Writer

    a good writer, and there are three crucial components to this. Initially, creativity is the number one element of writing, because in order to write, one may have to know how to think outside the box and go beyond expectations to spruce up an essay, article, etc. To continue, experience is also important since it is needed in the writing process,…

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  • A Writer And The Heart Of Man Analysis

    A Writer and the Heart of Man Writing is an art, exquisitely beautiful. The author writes every single adjective, verb, and noun with a purpose because it all matters, because that is a writer’s duty. As William Faulkner states in his speech A Writer’s Duty, “The poet’s voice need not merely be the record of man, it can be one of the props, the pillars to help endure and prevail.” From this, Faulkner communicates to the reader that a writer’s duty is to write with emotion, to write with fear,…

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