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  • Moral Guideline Of What Is Right Or Wrong?

    When defining the word ethics, I think of it as a moral guideline of what is right and wrong. How do we define what is right and what is wrong is based upon how we were taught and raised. As a person with Chinese background, I believe culture plays a huge role in defining ethics. Born as a Chinese American, I often find it hard for myself to fit into the “Chinese group” while attending at Penn State. Probably because I never had any Chinese friends prior to college. I grew up in a small town in Florida, and I was the only Chinese American in my school. My social group was surrounded by Caucasians, African Americans and Latinos. My social norm and aspects on certain things would be completely different compared to my international Chinese friends.…

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  • Importance Of Values In Counselling

    As most counselling professionals work in teams, this is easier for them to know what to do and also easier in helping them in their work. Morality is often defined as how an individual thinks about what is right and what is wrong and also think weather if what they are about to do is considered good or bad behaviour. Morality is also often drawn from temptation of the individual and also greed for example if an individual were to find a bag of money on the floor, would that individual take it…

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  • How Does The Environment Affect Business Environment

    She starts her week more actions which are wrong in comparison to the right actions. She managed her actions only on day 3 where her right actions were more than the wrongs ones. This is the day when she performs community services where she has to resolve one issue per week for the society in which she lives. This activity is launched through her university where she will present her task so that other university student can get inspiration from her activities. Besides this one day, she acts…

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  • Adnan's Testimony

    The courts got it all wrong; they jailed the wrong man! In 1999, a student at Woodlawn High School was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. His name was Adnan Syed; he was accused, tried, and convicted of murdering a fellow student. The body of Hae Min Lee, an eighteen-year-old senior, was found in Leakin Park. When the state wrongly convicted him for Hae Min Lee’s murder, the prosecutors used testimonies from suspects that were inconsistent and they attempted to vilify him to make him out to…

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  • Assess The Importance Of Compassion In Community Service

    for the better. And you can’t do better unless someone points out what you are doing wrong that’s causing drama and problems in your life. I have prayed about it and read about it and I have gained a little balance but it still is a question that comes up for me often. Then I had the pleasure of meeting John the Uber driver. In his previous life he was a social worker who eventually became a social worker with a drinking problem. He put that issue behind him and moved on but he told me as an…

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  • Analysis Of Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman

    marriage. Her sarcastic tone in that line stresses how women have no power at all, and they can only “rise” to power if men give them that power through marriage. Her sarcasm also suggests that marriage will not let them rise to power at all. In fact, they will become even more trapped by their husbands and therefore lose their agency. Similarly, Mary Wollstonecraft’s novel, Maria depicts a woman trapped in marriage with female protagonist Maria being literally unjustly imprisoned by her…

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  • Is Wrong To Torture Wrong

    overlooked by almost all nations. Under the just war theory, once an enemy surrenders, they are not a threat to you anymore. It pretty much implies that it is wrong to torture and mistreat your enemies under almost any circumstance. As we know, many nations do not abide by this. We hear about prisoners being waterboarded, strapped to a mattress frame and electrocuted, and all sorts of horrible things. Hannah Gold from the Washington Speculator interviewed Eric Fair about his memoir about…

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  • Is Capital Punishment: Wrong Or Wrong?

    With this world being covered in controversy its hard to step foot outside without finding something for two people to disagree on. One of those topics is Capital Punishment. “Many political philosophers today think of justice as fundamentally about fairness, while those who defend capital punishment typically hold that justice is fundamentally about desert (Aspenson).” While one side is for the use of capital punishment there are others who are greatly opposed to that penalty. “While…

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  • Consequentialism Is Wrong

    satisfaction is gained. It is argued that to achieve the greater good, one must do a little wrong. Wrong is etymologically a negative of right. For an act to be deemed as wrong, it has to physically or mentally hurt a group of people or an environment, or it has to be an act that would go against the law. Hence, I do agree with the statement that to achieve the greater good one must do a little wrong. There are a few reasons as to why wrong has to be done to achieve…

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  • Is Euthanasia Wrong

    different forms of euthanasia the most common is when a person askes to be killed in a painless manor most times because of an untreatable illness. For most people there decision on whether it’s right or wrong have to do with their own morals or religion. In this paper I will be taking a stand on whether or not I feel euthanasia is right, while also showing how ethics places a part in it. Out of the many different theories such as Virtue Ethics, Natural Law Theory, Utilitarianism, or…

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