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  • The Death Penalty: Edward I. Koch And David Bruck

    and place in American society today. Edward I. Koch served as mayor of the state of New York for eleven years and was involved in public service for a total of twenty years. In his essay titled, “Death and Justice: How Capital Punishment Affirms Life,” Koch was adamant that the death penalty affirmed the highest value for human life by being the highest penalty (Koch 486). Professor of law David Bruck countered this idea in his response essay, “The Death Penalty.” Bruck expressed his opinion that the death penalty creates “an attitude towards human life that is not reverent, but reckless” (Bruck 493). He contended that the reality of execution is much harsher than what is alluded to by Koch. If the death penalty were to be seen in action, Bruck insinuated that the witness would have a hard time maintaining the stance that execution holds life to a higher regard (Bruck 491). Koch proposed that while people will always be made uncomfortable by death itself, when it comes to cold-blooded killers there is no other adequate punishment (Koch 484). He argued that the death penalty is a necessary evil that provides the maximum consequence and delivers the message that injustice will not be tolerated. In order to display how that message resonates, Koch shared what he considered to be ironic final words of inmates approaching their death. He quoted a convict from South Carolina named Joseph Carl Shaw who stated, “Killing was wrong when I did it. Killing is wrong when you do…

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  • Media's Role In The Criminal Justice System

    The media realized this and used it as an opportunity to change reporting tactics and see how public opinion shifted over time. For example, the death penalty used to be discussed due to cost and constitutionality, now the media is focusing on the possibility of innocence, the morality, and the effectiveness. This shift in the way the media covers capital punishment forces Americans to reevaluate their stance and could be why although many Americans still agree with the death penalty, the number…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Medical Technology And Ethical Issues

    Death of a family member can be painful and heartbreaking. When a person is put in a situation to pull the plug or keep the person alive, the decision can be troublesome. A decision such as life or death towards a loved one shouldn’t be made by one person only. That’s why doctors play a major role in this situation, doctors can help us determine what we should do. However, Doctors don’t always make rational decisions in a stressful situation, they need extra help as well. The RIP system can be…

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  • Community Identification Report

    College Park Baptist Church is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Our priority is the benefit of the community. Although the neighborhood that surround the church is a low income neighborhood, it needs programs such as: First time home buyers, mentoring , housing, computer, seniors, youth summer feeding, financial consulting, legal assistance (minor), young adult awareness. These programs will enlighten and educate the community and all ages will be able to…

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  • Michiana Behavioral Health Center Observation

    Three of us visited Michiana Behavioral Health Center or MBHC in Plymouth. Locating a facility proved an easy process but receiving an interview took more time. The facility lacks efficiency in returning phone calls. The Clinical Director, Kim and a staff member, Ron obtained their Masters in Social Work or MSW and Licensed Clinical Social Worker or LCSW among more licenses. The clinical director stated that she supervised programs, activities, and education. She informed us about a…

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  • Bilbo Baggins Case Summary

    represents a scenario that is relevant to employment law focusing on wrongful termination, privacy between the employee and employer and factors that determines calculating compensation for the plaintiff in a wrongful termination case. To determine if Bilbo can successful sue for wrongful dismissal, we need to see if Orc Corp. had just cause in terminating Bilbo. When there is just cause, Orc Corp. can terminate Bilbo if he has breached a fundamental term to the employment contract. To prove…

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  • Petland Case Study

    1. Cater to the High End Market – Market Petland hospitality services under a different name to appeal to this market. Provide services like a hotel would, with menu options, turndown service, new bedding daily, grooming/spa, pool access, indoor and outdoor play area and activities. This will target the higher earning pet owners looking to treat their pets when they are not able to travel with them. This option could alienate some customers not wanting to pay as much for these services. 2.…

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  • Hospital Persuasive Speech

    There is nothing better than seeing a smile transform a frown. Our shift is coming to an end, and we sit on the counters of a cramped room in the basement of a hospital. We laugh and joke around, creating in one night, enough inside jokes to last a lifetime. Our best florists open the flower-filled storage and begin the task of forming two modest vases. These vases are not for us, nor are they for sale. Once finished, they will be brought upstairs and presented to a patient. The expertly…

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  • Death Penalty Necessary

    someone in the United states. Since 1976 one thousand four hundred and thirty-nine executions have been performed in the United States; one hundred and fifty-eight being electrocution, three firing squad executions, eleven gas chamber executions, three hangings, and one thousand two hundred and sixty-four lethal injection executions (deathpenaltyinfo.org). The death penalty is considered by some to be a crime deterrent and this is somewhat true. Although fluctuating between 1976 and 2002 the…

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  • The Death Penalty In The Criminal Justice System

    believe the death penalty can be cruel, many object to this statement and believe that if a person did something to deserve the penalty, then they should be sentenced to it. The lethal injection, Midazolam has stirred up controversy over the years, leaving many people to believe it can be one of the most painful lethal injections used for the death penalty. (Sneed) Painful executions are well heard about in current day jails. There are many people who are proponents of allowing the lethal…

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