Wrongful dismissal

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  • Bilbo Baggins Case Summary

    represents a scenario that is relevant to employment law focusing on wrongful termination, privacy between the employee and employer and factors that determines calculating compensation for the plaintiff in a wrongful termination case. To determine if Bilbo can successful sue for wrongful dismissal, we need to see if Orc Corp. had just cause in terminating Bilbo. When there is just cause, Orc Corp. can terminate Bilbo if he has breached a fundamental term to the employment contract. To prove just cause, Orc Corp must prove one or more of the following: Serious Misconduct, habitual neglect of duty, incompetence, conduct incompatible with duties or willful disobedience. Based on the case, Bilbo has been succeeding in his duties throughout his time with Orc Corp. Orc Corp. would likely argue that Bilbo had…

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  • Strike Rate In Cricket

    It was a memorable day for the entire Pujara family as India 's number three Cheteshwar Pujara reached his second successive and his ninth hundred in Test format on Friday, that too in his first innings as an Indian Test batsman at his hometown, Rajkot. Considering the match situation, it was a significant knock in many ways. India were 47 for 1 when the local boy Pujara came into the crease and along with Murali Vijay, played almost a match saving innings. Meanwhile, during the course of that…

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  • Language Used In Sports

    The entertainment of sport in almost all variations has changed drastically over the years. The changes can be noticed in many different aspects such as: presentation, money, audience etc. With these alterations the language has inevitably transitioned as well. A lot of the language used in sport derives from the context of commentary, magazines and even news headlines. Through studying the language techniques prevalent in contexts within these categories, contrasts can be distinguished between…

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  • Crickets: The Arrhenius Equation Of Cricket

    Every night, before you go to sleep, you hear the chirping of hundreds of crickets. From mole crickets to a cricket literally called the cooloola monster, every male cricket can chirp. Now, what if I told you that crickets don’t chirp at random, but the speed of the chirps depends on the temperature outside. If I have a male house cricket and put it in a temperature controlled room and turn up the heat. Since crickets like all other insects, cold-blooded, they take on the temperature of their…

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  • Media's Role In The Criminal Justice System

    The media realized this and used it as an opportunity to change reporting tactics and see how public opinion shifted over time. For example, the death penalty used to be discussed due to cost and constitutionality, now the media is focusing on the possibility of innocence, the morality, and the effectiveness. This shift in the way the media covers capital punishment forces Americans to reevaluate their stance and could be why although many Americans still agree with the death penalty, the number…

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  • The Death Penalty: Edward I. Koch And David Bruck

    such a casual treatment of life cannot exist without resulting in some error. The potential of wrongful execution and loss of an innocent human life is a frightening one. However, Bruck deemed it not all that unlikely when it comes to death row executions. He gave an example of a Georgian man named Roosevelt Green who continually pleaded his innocence. Despite his persistent claim, and a supporting statement from a witness, Green was refused a polygraph examination days before his execution…

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  • Unfair Dismissal Case Study

    EMPLOYEES’ PROTECTIONS ON UNFAIR DISMISSAL Dismissal of work will lead by termination of employee service; consequently if the discharge is claimed unfair by the employee; the employee can charge the company for unfair dismissal under Employment Rights act 1996. Unfair dismissal can be filed at the employment court of law under 2 conditions. First, the employment relationship needs to be proven its existence between the employer and employees. (Smith, 2011) Secondly, a dismissal by the employee…

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  • Fair Work Act 2009 Case Study

    for claims of unfair dismissal, and the entitlements and benefits of both retired and retrenched employees. The legislative framework governing workplace dismissal created by the Howard Government was only partially effective as it was unable to achieve a just and…

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  • Doctrine Of Frustration And Frustration

    telephone medium. However, Warner’s condition showed no signs of progress or improvements. In September 2010, after Warner decided to move in to his family’s residence which is closer to the office, Warner ceased any contact with Armfield about his condition and his likelihood to return to work. Four months later, on January 27, 2011, the account manager of Armfield sent Warner a cheque for accrued holiday pay along with a message that confirmed the end of his employment on the basis of…

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  • Case Study Of Mrs. Dacas V Brook Street Agency

    council and the agency for a claim in unfair dismissal. Held: She was not employed by either business. She was employed by the agency as the agent paid her wage. So they can exercises disciplinary action and terminate her employment. And this ‘control’ creates the employment relationship. COA held: Mrs Dacas was not employee of the agency, they don't have the obligation to provide work, nor does Mrs Dacas to accept work offered. The agency has no control over her work; the control is by the…

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