Personal Narrative: My Identity As A Writer

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Whether we know it or not in this modern society we are writers everyday of our lives. These interactions shape not only how we communicate but how we write as well. Personally, I have been shaped by the influence of both other writers I have known and those I have only read the creations of. Those same influences contributed to both my writing style in the classroom and to my identity as a writer. I spent a lot of my childhood with my nose deep in fiction novels at near by libraries. These books were my first look into writing for recreation and not just as some school assignment. These worlds created through words encouraged me to find more complex ways to describe the subjects that I wrote about instead of just using the quickest and simplest words that could express the same message. This new descriptive way of writing eventually caused me to meet many young writers. Though I was not always one for writing in my spare time I often enjoyed reading the work of other writers, especially friends and classmates. Due to the knowledge I had gained through my many hours of reading I was often asked to read and edit others work. These editing sessions helped keep me confident as a writer since I was not the best student. I would not say I was a horrible student, but before college I lacked any drive to …show more content…
I am not the kind of person that can whip out a paper the night before or create a masterpiece from nothing, but I can write an essay or story without it being too much work. Due to all the reading I have done writing to me is almost as natural as talking. Also, I am quite good at knowing how to divide writing to make it less work. Some writers I have come to know write until they can't write anymore and that's when the stop, wearing themselves out in the process. When I write I pace myself knowing went to stop and when to pick it back up again. Knowing one's limits as a writer is what I believe to be a very valuable

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