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  • Aspen Dental Case Study

    Operation: Strategic Growth Mark Weisberger, Chief Legal Officer of Aspen Dental, draws upon over 2 decade’s worth of experience in providing in-house counsel to rapidly expanding organizations. Today, he works strategically to improve Aspen Dental’s growth while maintaining legal compliance within the multi-state organization. Growth is a sign of a healthy business by anyone’s standard. Aspen Dental, a manager of dental services, supporting offices in 33 states, has enjoyed an impressive amount of growth with the last few years. Clocking in 3.4 million patient visits with 750,000 new patients added in 2014, Aspen Dental shows no signs of slowing down. With the success of their growing operation, the organization realized they needed a tactical leader for their in-house legal counsel with extensive knowledge in operation expansion. Joining Aspen Dental in 2012, Mark Weisberger made it his personal mission to further growth within the company. “My primary goal was 60-70 offices each year,” explained Weisberger. Considering that Aspen Dental was opening approximately 30-40…

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  • Permissibly Accept By Jeffrey Moriarty: Article Analysis

    The fiduciary duties are legal notions that construct the foundation of a CEO's lawful connection with their organization's administrator. According to Moriarty "CEOs fiduciaries are for anyone who stands to lose when CEOs accept excessive compensation. This includes shareholders, stakeholders, and certain other parties." Fiduciary duties can also be fractured down into three clear responsibilities including the duty of loyalty, the duty of disclosure and the duty of care. All of which needs to…

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  • The Zagga Market

    steps to ensure that its representatives comply with the NCCP Act (s47(1)(e)), maintain the competence to engage in the credit activities authorised by its licence (s47(1)(f)), and ensure that its representatives are adequately trained and are competent to engage in the credit activities authorised by its licence (s47(1)(g)). Zagga Market is committed to ensure that it complies with these ongoing obligations. Specifically, this Training and Fit & Proper Person Policy seeks to document in respect…

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  • Personal Ethical Perspectives Of The Fraud Case

    1. Personal ethical perspectives: 1.1. One of the most important fraud case in USA was The Enron case because of his criminal activity which involved a big part of USA. Let me give a short introduce about it, “In 1974, Kenneth Lay joined the Florida Gas Company, eventually serving as president of its successor company, Continental Resources Company. In 1981, he left Continental to join Transco Energy Company in Houston, Texas. Three years later, Lay joined Houston Natural Gas Co. as chairman…

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  • Importance Of CFO In Fashion

    to transcend in math at age eleven. It was at this age where I began to rationally think about my career options in this field. At the time, and even today still, I was intrigued by fashion. Anything from the runways to the textiles and designs, I wondered and questioned how designers could be so outgoing and creative. As I got older my computation skills only enhanced, but I took up sketching and painting as a calming hobby. It was not until freshman year of high school that I came to the…

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  • Philip Zimbardo: The Lucifer Effect

    water. However, in third world countries, the bottling company’s antics have devastated the availability of affordable drinking water for low income families. The documentary “Bottled Life” covers the effects of Nestlé in these countries. Essentially, in countries where there is no clean tap water, bottled water is the only option. However, citizens in the lower class often go thirsty because they cannot afford the cost of Nestlé’s bottled water. Unfortunately, Nestlé neglects to give assistance…

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  • The Capital Asset Pricing Model

    corporate governance has increased in prominence and importance in the business arena in recent years (Rankin, 2006). With the collapse of Xerox, Enron, Tyco International and Worldcom in the US, Parmalat in Italy and other high profile companies including HIH, One.Tel and Harris Scarfe in Australia, there has been a call for improved corporate governance mechanisms (Kiel and Nicholson, 2003; Lavelle, 2002; Thomas, 2002; Department of Treasury, 1998). Given these mixed findings and a rise in the…

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  • Hospital History Summary

    The top management consists of a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and a CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Under them is the Middle Management these are division and departmental heads in charge of specific departments. Under them are the front line supervisors who are the first line of supervision to the rank and file workers. The structure is built on the Organizational Theory which states that only so many people can be supervised by one individual this is known at “Span of Control.” Hospitals…

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  • Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections

    Central line-associated blood stream infections (CLABSIs) are preventable, serious, and potentially fatal infections that affect thousands of hospitalized patients each year. Weiner et al. (2016) state approximately 20,686 infections were reported by healthcare facilities across the United States (US) in 2014. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ, 2014) estimates CLABSIs carry an 18% mortality rate, equivalent to 3,723.5 fatalities from the infection based on the 2014 hospital…

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  • Executive Compensation Case Study

    Executive compensation has attracted wide attention from both theoretical and empirical researchers in the past two decades. Berle and Means (1932) first introduced the idea of chief executive officer (CEO) pay as a mechanism to align the interests of management with those of shareholders. A key issue of modern corporate governance is how to design compensation packages that give appropriate incentives to CEOs to maximise firm performance. To design an appropriate compensation package, the usual…

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