Single Mother Essay

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Single Mother of Two Passes Away From Cancer; Will Not Properly Prepared
A single mother of two, who succumbed to cancer made the week’s headlines. The story goes that when she first got aware of her condition she immediately started to make will preparations as is the norm employing the use of Eventually, she was able to come up with a “legal will” complying with all standards, including the witnessing formalities as par the requirements of the law of Florida. The details stated that her brother would be the estate’s personal representative. However, her efforts to prepare a legal will were not accompanied by crucial legal counsel, thus the outcome only has managed to spring up a lot of issues for her family.
Reports say that the woman has left 3 minors of ages 7-11 years, but it is true that all of them would be equal beneficiaries of her whole estate along with the life insurance policy that she had in her name. A divorce she had to endure a while back left her not only as a single mother, but also left her
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her entire wealth, property, money, including her life insurance benefits, will be controlled by the probate court, to be distributed accordingly. Additionally, the children’s assets will be thoroughly monitored by a guardianship supervised solely by the probate court. As a result of this action being effected, the family will face unnecessary come unwanted expenses in addition to a delay in distribution of the children’s rightful insurance benefits. However, on reaching the age of 18 years, it has been confirmed that the money and property will be released for the children regardless of whether they will have had matured enough to handle those amounts. If the young woman had sought counseling in the initial stage of making the will, appropriate protection of the money from the rash spending decisions of the children could have been a

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