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  • Personal Narrative: How To Interact With Idiotic Customer

    “What does your vanilla ice cream taste like?” he asked. Dumbfounded, I responded with the only reply I could think of that wouldn’t get me fired, “ tastes like vanilla bean. Would you like a sample, sir?” He responded, however, exactly as I had hoped he wouldn’t, “No, I don’t want a sample. I just really want to know what it tastes like.” What in my life could have prepared me for a fully-grown, English speaking man asking me what vanilla tastes like? My high school certainly hadn’t taught a class on “How to Interact with Idiotic Customers”. In fact, high school hardly prepared me for my time working. Surprisingly enough, analyzing Emily Dickinson’s poetry and using proper Turabian formatting did not come up in the interview. Instead,…

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  • Marketing Analysis: Baskin-Bobbins

    Baskin-Robbins has been the 31 flavors ice cream shop for nearly seventy years. With locations in more than fifty countries, the unique flavors are shared all around the world. Since 1995 Baskin-Robbins have introduced 1,000 new and interesting ice cream flavors pralines ‘n cream being in the top five. Still vanilla and chocolate, the original flavors make it into the top. Background- Part 1: The very start of Baskin-Robbins was in 1942 when Burt Baskin married Irvine Robbins sister making both…

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  • Argumentative Commercial Analysis: Haagen-Daz's Argument Commercial

    emphasize that Italians enjoyed their gelato even when Americans made it. Haagan-Dazs used Italian with English subtitles and they tried to rely on Italian stereotypes and some information about the Italian-American culture that they may have gathered from the millions of Italian-Americans living in New York. Also, while it did focus mainly on Italians, it did reflect some aspects of American culture. The commercial emphasized that the man bought the gelato probably from his local grocery…

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  • Frozen Yogurt Essay

    If the food tastes yummy they will want to come back for more. At Sweet Lizard, that is exactly how I feel about the product; I wanted more. To begin with, you have the choice of sampling each of the twelve yogurt flavors. These flavors routinely change so you will never know which flavors you will have to choose from beforehand. Today’s options were French Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Watermelon Sorbet, Peanut Butter, Cupcake, Dulce de Leche, Tart, Cookies n Cream, with the option of swirling and…

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  • Real Fruit Bubble Tea Marketing Strategy

    Real Fruit Bubble Tea is a franchise that originated in Toronto, Ontario in 2002. They established their first location within Pacific Mall, which is the largest Asian supermarket on the border of Toronto. Although there were many bubble tea competitors within the vicinity, they were able to differentiate themselves by mastering the craft of using real fruit in their drinks. To this day, that is the primary feature that distinguishes them from competitors, such as ChaTime and Ten Ren’s. Real…

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  • How Do Sanctions Programs Impact Globally Acting Companies Like Valio?

    4 CASE VALIO RUSSIA This qualitative case essay analyzes how sanctions programs can impact globally acting companies like Valio when nations try to pursue their political ambitions. It is built in chronological order with an analysis of OOO Valio Russia and its operations followed by the operations of Valio during the crises and to later on the future possibilities of OOO Valio Russia. 4.1 Valio Valio is 110 years old Finnish dairy company with long history in international business and it…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Toys R Us

    Mission Statement and Goals Toys "R" Us (Canada) Ltd., is part of Toys "R" Us Inc, their mission statement is “relentlessly striving to be the best toy and baby retail company for the world. It has solidified its position by offering a differentiated shopping experience through its family of brands,” (Toys “R” Us). Toys “R” Us prides itself on exclusively operating the legendary FAO Schwarz brand and selling extraordinary toys. Their goals are to be the world's leading dedicated toy and baby…

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  • Odyssey Of Feast Analysis

    Food, Festive Events and Colors always make people think of and connect to laughers, happiness and joy. Once there is a saying “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that’s kind of the SAME THING!” The Odyssey of Feast showcases the joyful moments created by food and beverages in the 17th century with wide ranges of Still Life and Dutch Golden Age paintings. If you are looking for some Still-Life and Dutch Golden Age paintings, or you perceive yourself as a foodie. The Odyssey…

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  • Case Study Of Ben And Jerry's

    Ben and Jerry’s ice cream started as two guys serving ice cream in a converted gas station, but today the ice cream company distributes its ice cream products internationally through grocery stores, franchisees, and grocery delivery services. The ice cream maker has two production facilities, both in Vermont. The Ben and Jerry’s headquarters is in Waterbury, VT. This is where tourists and ice cream fans can take tours of how the ice cream is made. The second facility is much larger and located…

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  • Sa Costera Cheese

    Since its inception in 1966, The company (cooperative) “Sa Costera” is and has been the largest producer of cheeses in the Goceano region, along with its 500 partners. The cheese dairy utilizes the latest technology and complies with all European regulations related to hygiene, milk processing and the ripening and maturing of cheese. The company produces a wide range of cheeses and cheese derivatives that satisfies the demand of all their customers. Pecorino Romano DOP ( Designated Protected…

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