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  • Personal Narrative: My Fourth Grade In High School

    kicked the red ball too far out, and it went above the young grade of children. I stood in the line, unknowing of my fate of meeting that very ball. I awaited the time whenever we would go outside, the fact that I forgot my jacket added to my impatient ways. I looked up, unsuspecting. Then all of a sudden, I felt something collide with my face, a sharp pain rushing through my nose. Tears stung my eyes as I reached for my now red nose. The pain that I felt was mild, and not very serious. I was more in shock than in pain. “Are you okay?” A concerned staff member that was helping line us up ran up to me. I was unable to form any words, so I just nodded. “Come with me to the nurse, I’ll get you an ice pack.” I followed the woman to the nurse’s office, relieved whenever the ice cold pack was pressed to my nose. I was returned to class shortly after, nothing too serious had happened to my nose, there was only a small bit of pain. “You have a very strong girl.” The staff member said to the teacher of my classroom, and I remember being extremely flattered. From that day on, I vowed to always be strong, no matter how tearful my face is, or no matter how much pain I was in. Fifth Grade – This was more of a long term thing than just a short memory. The classroom had a warm environment, the lockers a dark green that stood out from the light cream color of the walls. Girls and boys of all different faces and names sat at desks as they watched the teacher explain the subject of…

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  • Cryotherapy After Tka Essay

    A TKA is a major orthopedic intervention that accompanies is accommodated by tissue damage to the surrounding joint, pain and inflammation response to the knee joint (Thienpont, 2014). Those are all indications that a source of cold should be used on that joint, in this situation that source would be a cooling machine cold and ice man. The application of cold to the joint is supposed to reduce the intraarticular temperature of the knee joint (Thienpont, 2014). The cold will help reduce the blood…

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  • Call Of The Wild Leadership Analysis

    Buck had trouble adjusting to his new life, but throughout the story he learns how to become a tough dog and an honorable leader through perseverance, loyalty and ability to adjust to new conditions. Buck demonstrates honorable leadership through perseverance, loyalist and ability to adapt to new conditions when he?s placed in a new life setting. He?s demonstrates perseverance by showing his physical strength, determination to become the pack leader and his will to overcome physical hardships.…

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  • Big Two Hearted River Part 1 Analysis

    instinctually “found a nail with his fingers, drove it into the pine tree, and hung his pack up on the nail. All his supplies were in the pack,” now sheltered safe and sound off the ground. As Nick continues traveling, little actions like these reflect his commitment to protective and preventative actions. However, no matter how cautious he is, as he goes about his routines, he can’t protect himself from the flashbacks that creep up on him and temporarily shake his grip on the present. The most…

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  • Summary Of Joen Klausen's Short Story: A Walk In The Woods

    close to death. So we save them. We didn’t find you, you found us.” He looked at all of them bowing down again, their blood red eyes waiting for an order. “I want revenge on the wolves who killed my parents.” “Yes?” “My old den is West from this mountain. Follow the trail that leads to thin trees, and you’ll see the corpses.” Joen stood tall. “Track down the murderous pack, I don’t care if it takes you a week. Return if the scents are too weak to smell, and I’ll hunt them myself.” …

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  • Braylynn Monologue

    room, I spared one last passing glance at my sister before joining my mate in the hallway. “What is it?” “Freya is missing. The packs have been called together to form search teams to locate her. You are needed in the Shadowswood Conference room.” “And they sent you because you’re my mate and I am more likely to listen to you than some messenger. Is that right?” “I’m not a mind reader, Braylynn. They need you for your authority over your troops. That’s all I was told. It is not my place to…

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  • Narrative Essay On A Zombie Apocalypse

    Could you ever imagine waking up one day and everything was different? Not being able to be sprawled out in your perfectly good bed each morning, but waking up in various locations for protection. Having to carry some sort of weapon every time you go outside just in case you run into a pack of zombies looking for fresh flesh. This all seemed too much and it was only my first year at Missouri State. A zombie apocalypse was not something I expected from college, especially to be one of the few…

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  • Bra Boys Blood Is Thicker Than Water Analysis

    Violent, loud and highly socialised. Wolves are animals clearly displaying pack mentality. The minority of the group, the alphas, decide the behaviour of the pack. The behavioural patterns of animal species can be viewed in the societal structures of human throughout time. Groups such as the bra boys, a surfing gang located in Maroubra, have implemented pack mentality. But is this a negative or positive? Does pack mentality help or disadvantage society? Is it a social construct which should…

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  • Wind Spirit: A Short Story

    the landscape and watch them in their world. One day, she came across a lone wolf who had been exiled from his pack. She witnessed him on the brink of starvation, struggling to survive in the wilds alone. She graciously blessed him with a small piece of her power, so he could manipulate the wind to make his life easier. In this process, his attributes evolved and he stood up on two legs in order that he could use his arms for bending the wind. He became a man, and a beast no longer. All that…

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  • Jet Pack Research Paper

    Our product (jet pack) is very special and there are few companies that make like our product so this makes our mission essayer to compete with our competitors. Our competitors are (GO SPORT and Extreme Dubai (X Dubai)).Our product jet pack has many advantages that can make the product be more successful than our competitors’ products and these advantages are: firstly, design of jet packs. Secondly, the Weight of jet packs. Thirdly, the availability of jet packs. Firstly, the product design,…

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