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  • Statement Of Purpose: Idaho State Univeristy

    Why did I choose Idaho State Univeristy? My academic journey at Idaho State University has consisted of great vicissitudes mentally and emotionally. The time I have spent at ISU has allowed me to develop as a professional, grow as an individual and discover my talents as an academic. So the answer to the question, ‘why did I choose Idaho State University?’ is a simple one, but comes with a lengthy and vigorous journey. I fell in love with ISU and everything it has to offer on a professional and individual level. (keep?) I first toured Idaho State during my junior year of high school, and I did not experience the typical ‘this is the university for me’ epiphany. I thought there was too many brown brick buildings, the rushing college students…

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  • Personal Narrative: Rathdrum, Idaho

    Rathdrum, Idaho Where you are from does not define who you are, but it does shape you into the person you are today. So if you were to ask me where I was from I would gladly tell you I am from Rathdrum, Idaho. A small town where only a few truly know what is like to live here and only a few know how amazing this small city truly is. Rathdrum has been the only place I have ever really known; growing up and being raised here I never have had the appreciation for where I lived. But in hindsight I…

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  • Reflection On The Transition From High School To Idaho State University

    The transition from high school to college, Idaho State University, was a much greater experience than I was expecting. Changing environments from a small town, Mackay Idaho, with only five hundred people to a city with thousands of people was a completely different adventure. The transition was a huge experience for me because of the change in the environment, people, and school. I had much more experiences to see and do. When I arrived at Pocatello the environment changed completely from…

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  • Essay On Common Core Standards

    Ross Wiener suggests, in his “Teaching to the Core”, that states should not waste time and finances to develop new tools such as testing. The states have the opportunity to collaborate and share what already exists. Since the CCSS has been adopted in most states, a student is able to transition from one state to the next, with much more ease. (Rainey) For instance, math standards should be the same in Idaho as Massachusetts or Maryland. (Golod) Proponents of the CCSS argue that the standards are…

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  • The Role Of Protest In Trent Reedy's Divided We Fall

    His gun accidentally fires and shots get exchanged where many protesters die. An outraged federal government demands for the names of the soldiers to be released as well as for Idaho to comply with the new law. When both demands are denied by the Governor of Idaho, tensions start growing and a civil war breaks out between the national military and the National Guard of Idaho. It shows how far a state will go to protect its constitutional rights when an oppressive national government goes too…

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  • Becoming A Dietitian

    Idaho Department of Labor’s website says that a Dietitian’s annual wage is $51,219. While the annual openings are few (about 9) the 10 year growth is much faster than average according the website (20.6%). It is considered to have a medium employment outlook of 306 in Idaho ( Some may say that that has its risk and disadvantages but I am passionate about nutrition and I know this is what I am supposed to do. Idaho Department of Labor has a lot of things that they advise I…

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  • Review Of Trent Reedy's Divided We Fall

    This led me to think that this book should be called The First Shot due to Danny firing the one shot that set the story in motion. This story portrayed its setting very well by providing examples of futuristic elements as well as real life locations such as Boise, Idaho. This book also included countless examples of surprises, both big and small, including my surprise when I saw what all Daniel’s one shot caused. Since this story was set in a futuristic time period, there were many items that…

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  • Essay On Snake River

    The Snake River rises near the continental divide in Yellowstone National Park. The Snake River leaves Idaho through the Palisades Reservoir. When the Snake reaches Oregon it starts to flow north. This creates the border of Oregon and Idaho for 216 miles. The Snake River flows west and feeds into the Columbia River near Pasco, WA. Throughout the river there are steamboats going through the river, and railroads were built along the side. There is always a bunch of salmon coming through the Snake…

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  • Valdosta Creative Writing

    keep all the things I loved in Valdosta close to me or to end things before they gets started. My mother got orders to Mountain Home Air Force base in Idaho, one of few our family overlooked when picking our choice bases. I had never even thought of Idaho, where was Idaho even located within the United States? No matter how much I wanted her orders to change, they were permanent and neither my mother nor I had a choice in the matter. In hopes to cheer my family up the recruiter at Moody Air…

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  • Sample Cultural Interview Report

    Educationally Melissa does not remember being treated differently than other students in her class. However, culturally and demographically Melissa recalls being treated differently by the community of Boise. Melissa said the majority of rude remarks or vandalism that she experienced was due to her being a Californian. In moving to Idaho from California, Melissa recalls seeing “don’t Californicate” bumper stickers on cars. She also shared how before she was able to change her license plates to…

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