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  • Essay On Dietitian

    Career Research Assignment Dietitians work directly with people to help them understand their dietary needs and ways to fulfill these needs. Dietetics is about providing service to others so they can live healthier and happier lives. After learning about myself and my values, interests, personality, and skills, I have learned that I want to go into an occupation that directly aids people. My love for chemistry brought me to dietetics. After much research, I believe that this is a career that I would enjoy going into and acquire many skills practicing. People who go into dietetics also need a certain set of values. They need to be able to have relationships with their patients, be independent, and trust their own judgment. Dietitian work with people directly; they need to be able to build relationships based on trust and the sense of the patient being in good hands. Independence has to do with dietitians knowing scientific relationships between the dietary needs of a patient and the reaction their body will have to these needs. Dietitians have to trust what they know and use what they know to help others. They have to be…

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  • Compare And Contrast A Nurse And A Dietitian

    between a Nurse and a Dietitian. The role of the Nurse varies with the needs of the patients, the Nurse credentials. And type of employment setting. A registered Nurse (RN) assesses a patient’s health and promote wellness. The choice of personnel for particular patients depends on the needs of the patients, Health teams commonly include the Nurse and some or all personnel that follow. (Kozier2004)A registered Dietitian has a specialist knowledge about the diets required to maintain health and…

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  • Didactic Program

    In order to become a registered dietitian a student needs to complete the Didactic Program in Dietetic. They also need to complete either a Coordinated Program in Dietetics or a Dietetic Internship. Each of these components contributes to the degree as a registered dietitian or nutritionist, but they differ in several ways. A Didactic Program in Dietetics refers to the course work approved by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics. Students are required before…

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  • Physician Assistant Essay

    Services. Marengo, OH. Dietitian: To become a dietitian, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree and major in dietetics or foods and nutrition. After you graduate, you are required several hundred hours of supervised training, usually as in internship, preparing you for a job as a dietitian. Most states require dietitians to be licensed but some states only require registration or certification. Only a few states have no regulations to be a dietitian and some people self-employ themselves as a…

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  • Case Study: You Are What You Eat?

    Starting in October of 2015 I was working with a registered dietitian by the name of Susan Lang, who works at ShopRite in Flemington N.J. The first volunteering opportunity had been to help Susan with a project that was not related to the real service learning, but to her own job responsibilities. Nevertheless, I was asked to stand at a display table and hand out various assortments of healthy store made salads, to ShopRite associates, and given a short script to discuss the taste of each…

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  • Nursing Assistant Personal Statement

    Their most popular practice area is in clinical nutrition, specifically in acute care/inpatient, but many also go to work in the community, consultation and business, or even education and research. I learned that compared to nursing, there are actually more ways to choose from being a dietitian. I like this diversity, because you have leeway during your professional career. If you don’t like working in the hospital, you can always use your degree in a completely different practice without…

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  • Healthy Firefighters: Article Analysis

    In 2015, 51% of firefighter line-of-duty fatalities were caused by sudden cardiac death. This is a staggering static that exemplifies the importance of health and nutrition within the career. Firefighters are well known for having poor eating habits, some say it’s due to the nature of the job which includes shift work and sleep deprivation, which can lead to unhealthy lifestyles. “Research that shows most firefighters get less than the recommended 150 min of moderate to high-intensity exercise…

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  • Nutritionist Personal Statement

    may not want to be a sales representative. I believe that are character traits lead us to our interested career options and once we find something we are good at we have the ability to wake up in the morning a love our careers whole-heartedly. Nutritionists have to be analytical problem solvers because they have to be able to decipher what nutrition plan applies best to each individual (Bureau of Labor Statistics). In my daily life, I currently work as a loan officer at a financial institution…

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  • Nutrition Personal Statement

    I am eager to start my career as a graduate student and look forward to learning more in depth about occupations in the field of Nutrition. As a graduate student, I will also continue to strive in the field of research and innovative solutions to the health problems communities face today. After becoming a registered dietitian, my immediate next goal is to become a lactation consultant. My long-term goal is to work for either a Health Department or a WIC clinic where I can work directly with…

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  • Dietitian Reflection

    patient’s energy needs I calculated 1,600 kcals (based on 30 kcals/kg of body weight) and 60-80 grams of protein (based on 1.2-1.5 gm/kg of body) weight due to the patient’s compromised skin. My interventions for the patient’s initial assessment where to 1) supply Boost Plus supplement twice a day to help ensure adequate caloric and protein intake 2) provide education on a cardiac/low sodium diet through verbal and written education materials 3) provide a list of outpatient education classes…

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