Digital audio workstation

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  • Music In The Digital Era

    Music in the Digital Era Music is an art that has existed for thousands of years, and over that vast amount of time, music has evolved. From the Medieval period to the classical, and from the modern to the present era, music has slowly become more and more affiliated with technological industry, including computers and even some smart phones. In today’s style of music, most often the elements and instruments being used are actually not instruments at all, but digital sounds created by a computer synthesizer. Entirely new genres of music have come to fruition through the work of portable DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) including techno, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), and so much more. The use of sound sampling has also enabled musicians to…

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  • Btec Business Level 3 Unit 5 P5

    P5: Set up a standalone computer system, installing hardware and software components P6: Configure a computer system to meet user needs P7: Test a computer system for functionality • In this picture you can see all the parts are missing. They were removed so that we can put it back together. • In the next picture you can see the RAM is placed in the slot. It is positioned in with small amount of force until the clips click into to place. • In the next picture we installed in the…

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  • The Importance Of A Computer

    hard drive in case the computer crashes and they need to recover the information or they need additional space when the internal drive becomes to full. Some examples of these types of devices are, of course the external hard drive which normally has the capability of holding large amounts of data, a flash drive sometimes referred to as a USB drive, jump drive, or thumb drive, and DVD’s. The most common daily storage device is probably the flash drive, it offers convenience. They are smaller and…

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  • Optical Disk Storage Case Study

    sharing: this is used for sharing file documents in a firm. II. Resource sharing: Documents are easily shared in a firm such as email. III. It creates efficiency among employees in a firm. IV. It increases the storage capacity: That is, the storage capacity of a computer is increased such that data from the internet can be stored. V. It allows users to conduct voice and video calls. You are able to see the person you are communicating with no matter the place. VI. It allows the sharing of…

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  • Raw Material: Glass (Not Sapphire) Corning: US

    Retail SEERS Analysis – Apple A: Raw Material: Glass (Not Sapphire) Corning (Gorilla Glass) – USA Apple has decided against following an industry shift towards sapphire glass. They did this because due to environmental concerns since “Sapphire requires 100 times more energy to produce than glass” (Bajarin 2014). Apple’s commitment to designing products in this way allows them to remain competitive while addressing sustainability issues as well. B: Minerals (Conflict Free) Intel (Processors)…

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  • Case Study: Quadco LLC

    System Description The current system is a relatively simple business system which employs generic office applications. However, the employees of Quadco LLC do heavily rely on the reliability of their system. Therefore they require a fairly robust system to continue supporting oil field services and operations. The current issue with this type of system is that users tend to store critical documents on their workstations which are prone to mechanical failures resulting in loss of data.…

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  • Challenges In Forensic Investigations

    INTRODUCTION Today with fast growing digital age of modern technology, digital forensic experts are facing a number of data sources that they need and rely on to acquire valuable information for their investigations. Data sources can come from different forms and areas such as: personal computer, hard drives, network logs, social networking sites, mobile devices. These sources can contain a vast amount of data. Hence, they lead up to many challenges in acquiring the data. For example, just in…

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  • 1. Assess The Importance Of Feedback In Communication

    From the beginning of time, communicating with others has been an adaptable skill that an individual needs to survive in an established community. People living in a community could not communicate effectively if they could not first listen and see the words or actions of others. Today, communication has taken a different route in the use of social networking rather than holding face- to - face conversations. The use of cell phones lets people hide behind a screen and lets them see what others…

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  • Personal Statement Sound Engineering

    I strongly believe that Sound Engineering is the one and only course I have most passion for and I know I will have success in. I am confident and have a lot of hope in this course as I have been constantly thinking about this this career for a few years now. I chose this course as I have an ambition to work with producers, recording, mixing and even producing music. Recording Producers and musicians, adjusting the sounds auto-tuning, adding synthetic sounds to a track is my strength and…

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  • Goldman Sachs Case Analysis

    Protagonist: Mike Silva, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s senior supervisory officer for Goldman Sachs. Main Issue: The main problem in this case is Mike Silva needs to figure out how to get Carmen Seggara to change her disruptive personality in order to communicate more effectively with the rest of her management staff and fellow employees. Many staff members have gotten frustrated because of her negative criticism. Sub-elements of the Main Issue: The additional issues that will have to…

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