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  • Podcasting In Higher Education

    Podcasting Podcasting is something relatively new to technology. It’s humble beginnings finally took off in full force by 2000. Per Ciccarelli, (2016), “in 2001, users Adam Curry and Tristan Louis, aided by UserLand founder and RSS evangelist Dave Winer, added support for a specific enclosure element to Userland 's non-RDF branch of RSS (Real Simple Syndication), and then to its Radio Userland feed-generator and aggregator, establishing the initial development of podcasting. Podcasting is a tool that is set up for audio distribution where files are uploaded. Files can be anything from music to digital images. In higher education, podcasting can be an easy tool for learning content and with the age of new technology, allow for information…

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  • Stuff You Missed In History: Poem Analysis

    I may be a little slow to the podcast game, but I blame my extremely short attention span. In no way am I a “books on tape” kind of girl, because then I become “daydream-look at the window –miss half the chapter” kind of girl. So years ago, when my husband suggested I download these podcasts, I dismissed him. Like I smiled and nodded my head and thought about puppies, ice cream cones, and sunshine while he listed a bunch of podcasts I would like. I lumped them together with my attempts to…

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  • Podcasting Research Paper

    Podcasting is the latest in on-the-go, on-demand technology. Basically, a podcast is a digital recording of audio or web/visual content, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal computer or MP3 player. A lot like radio on demand, podcasting actually offers far more options in terms of content and programming than radio does. And best of all, with podcasting, you can download whatever programming you want and listen to it whenever and wherever you want. This anywhere, anytime…

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  • Self-Efficacy In Online Learning

    Self-Efficacy, Self-Regulation, and Cognitive Style as predictors of achievement with podcast instruction – An examination of multiple potential factors that could affect instruction through podcasting. Self-efficacy, self-regulation and cognitive style are researched and tested for potential effects with the aid of seventeen students. These students screened for four persistent variables (academic self-efficacy, academic self-regulation, cognitive style and self-efficacy for online…

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  • Gimlet Enterprise Case Study

    He began planning, implementing and developing his podcasting ideas without much financial, personnel and business related support. He relied on his passionate drive for making podcasts, interesting and informative ones, and making them available to the largest possible audience. Alex tirelessly attempted to recruit people, resources and personnel to his business from the very beginning, which demanded great amounts of patience and perseverance. Alex believed in his idea and worked hard to bring…

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  • Micro Marketing Case Study

    These trends of media include social media, mobile device apps, RSS feeds and podcasting. The rapid expansion of social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter is the most significant example of how media usage is changing. Customers use these sites as a platform of social exchange and also to obtain news and information. “App” video advertisements through smartphone and tablet computer applications are a new avenue in the advertisement industry. Marketers reach more advertising…

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  • Causes And Disadvantages Of Internet Addiction

    Social media, podcasting and online role-playing games have become a part of our life because Internet nowadays can easily access. We could not consider about the day without it. Unfortunately, Internet addiction affects many people’s lives involuntarily such as grades, school life, Jobs, responsibilities and relationships. However, there are two sides to every coin, there are perks of using Internet in many ways too. This essay will give a definition of the Internet and the social media…

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  • The Importance Of Social Media On Screening

    on the company’s website, blog, or monitor their trending on industry blogs within websites such as Bloomberg News, Facebook Social Jobs, Twitter Job Search, and Glassdoor. Glassdoor is considered the best workplace review site. It allows job seekers to review more than 14 million job postings and salary information at more than 250,000 companies. Employees can anonymously rate their workplace. Glassdoor publishes an annual list of 50 top places to work list based upon employees’ ranking. A nice…

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  • Lion Zeal Podcast Analysis

    sales, you need to make a nice design, but also make clients understand why it’s the best strategy. 2. Taking the Time to Help Prospects Understand Your Services/Products Kris shares he really enjoys speaking with business owners and knowing what they want to achieve. He emphasises that most people don’t understand SEO, how Google works, or the power of digital marketing, so make it a point to explain it to them clearly. Daryl also adds that you shouldn’t get too caught up in just making…

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  • Social Technology Deep Dive Case Study

    This idea failed due to announcement by Apple to introduce their podcasting platform which would be integrated with their iTunes software. Twitter (or Twttr as it was first called) was internally designed as a system where you could send a text to one number and it would be broadcasted out to all of your friends (Carlson, 2011). Once you create an account on the website, you must “follow” other members to see their tweets and vice versa. Some members on Twitter include celebrities such as Taylor…

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