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  • The Effects Of Music Piracy On The Music Industry

    contemporary means of music distribution, and identify which is currently the most profitable and widely used, and why they are used and the effect they have on the music industry. This information will then be used to predict which method of distribution will survive the test of time, and potentially be the means of distribution that could still be in use 15 years from now. This essay will explore the profitability and popularity of three different platforms: vinyl records, digital downloads, and music streaming services. Music piracy has been considered very problematic for the music industry since the age of vinyl records and cassette tapes (Berlatsky, 2013) (Gil, n.d.), though the problem really only became widespread with the invention of a compact file format, known as MP3 (Lalwani, 2015). Along with the invention of the MP3 format, easy to access software was created, which usually had instant, and free access to thousands of copyrighted music (Harris, 2016) (Witt, 2016) (Alderman, 2002) It became such a cause for concern that numerous artists began to sue the distributors of pirated music, the most notable case of this is when Metallica sued Napster in 2000, and won (Zaleski, 2015). This forced Napster to become a subscription service, rather than a free service as it had always been up until this point (Harris, 2016), but despite this, an increasing number of sites were created to continue the legacy Napster had created (Berlatsky, 2013) (Gil, n.d.). A survey…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Vinyl Countdown

    The Vinyl Countdown Over the past seventy years the way music is stored, played and displayed has greatly changed. From vinyl records to instant online streaming, the advancements in technology have been truly impressive. Long gone are the days of standing in line at the music store, or lugging around heavy electronic equipment (Ramey, "Modern Technology Advantages And Disadvantages"). By discussing how music was listened to throughout the ages one can appreciate the convenience that…

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  • Sound Design In Theatre

    These ones and zeroes were then converted back into sound by a laser which scans the surface of the disc whilst it spins. This was an incredible leap forward for sound on a global scale. Sound was now easily accessible ad more affordable then it had been before. For sound designers, the invention of the rewritable CD was incredibly important. This meant that sound designers could create their own sounds, effects and cue; pick levels and adjust the sound before producing a final copy. It also…

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  • How Did Sea Dogs Influence Colonization

    to attract more settlers for both labor and capital by rewarding fifty acres for every person or “head” who paid their overseas voyage. Many immigrants were unemployed in England and believed work as an indentured servant, whereas richer immigrants were able to start business with land and crops. The headright system allowed the rich to exploit the impecunious population for cheap labor and thus created a large gap between social classes. The headright system brought in a massive influx of…

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  • Mayflower Gender Roles

    Women’s restricted gender role in the American Culture and Society prior to the ratification of the 19th Amendment (August 18, 1920) is highlighted in Mayflower. Females were not involved in the drafting and the signing of the Mayflower Compact “in accordance with the cultural and legal norms of the times” (pg. 43). The exclusion of women from the drafting and the signing of the first documentation of the framework of government of Plymouth Colony indicates the general role of women in the…

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  • Jamestown In Virginia

    land was more beach, making it a good place for a ship like the Mayflower to anchor in. It's rocky and sandy soil as well as its cold climate made it hard to make a farm. There also was hunger, disease, and more environmental hazards.The settlers from New England were interested in things like lumbering and trading with the nearby Indians. When the Pilgrims settled, the local Indians welcomed them to the land and gave them support, such as giving them traps to catch animals, and teaching them a…

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  • The Great Awakening And Puritan Migration

    Mayflower Compact both emerged due to British neglect which contributed to the advancement of American society. The House of Burgesses was formed in 1619. It was established by the Virginia Company in hopes of making conditions more enjoyable for the colonists. They also wanted to encourage people to come to America, so they gave every person who came fifty acres. Representatives chosen by the community were put into the House of Burgesses. The governor had the right to prohibit their actions,…

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  • The Pilgrims In The Plymouth Colony

    Imagine yourself on the Mayflower, staring out into the open sea. The harsh storm going on tossed your ship around, and all the tossing and spinning made you feel seasick! This was one of the many challenges that the Plymouth Colony Pilgrims had to face. I believe that the Plymouth Colony faced many hardships during their attempt to create a new colony. The three main challenges that the Pilgrims faced were the unpleasant conditions during their voyage, arriving at Cape Cod instead of their…

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  • Happiness: The Story Of A Happy Experience As A Consumer

    ECU University. I decided to take more hours in my job to save more money to buy a reliable car. My dream car is a Honda Civic, color gray and with a sports look. I prefer to buy and not to have a lease. My parents have a very strong brand loyalty towards Honda, because their cars are reliable, easy to maintain and durable. I prepared a six months’ action plan to save money for my car. I was hoping for a new one but stayed open to a used car as my parents suggested. I did an internet search to…

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  • Hyundai Essay Introduction

    button stereo presets are hard to push. The Hyundai Elantra is a good value, and even with the lackluster stereo, everything else in this car is at a minimum average. Its price of $14,995 for this GLS model, with alloy wheels, is hard to beat. If you are worried about the quality of previous Hyundai models, you can rest assured that they have greatly improved in this category. In order to prove it, they have the best warranty in the automotive business. The bumper to bumper warranty is 5…

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